How to Make Money With Blogs

by WorkFromHome on April 13, 2011

Blogging is a fun way to express ideas and personal experiences to a wide audience. However, it can also be turned into a profitable activity, if you do things right. Starting a blog has very little upfront costs, and can possibly generate a five or six-figure income per month. Making money from blogging is not always easy, but there are some best practices you need to consider to increase your chances of success.

1. Making money should not be your sole consideration.

There is nothing wrong with having a desire to make money from your blog. As a matter of fact, you need that motivation to keep you from losing interest in the long run. However, you will do yourself a great disservice if you simply choose a blog topic based on its profit potential.

Blogging requires a long-term commitment. You must be able to sustain interest in a particular topic in order to make significant income from your blog. In other words, you must choose to blog about things in which you can show passion or expertise. Do not assume that the people who read your work are fools. If you cannot speak with authority or insight about a certain subject, there is a good chance that your readers will find out right away.

2. Inject personality to your blogs.

Blogs, at their core, are no more than digital personal journals. As such, it is very important for bloggers to provide a human aspect to their posts. When writing for a blog, you must strive to be as conversational as you can with your audience. You can still come out as formal and professional without sounding too dry and aloof.

Much of blogging does not have to do anything with writing at all. Of course, having good grammar and sentence structure is highly advisable. However, you should also keep in mind that blogging is considered as an online social networking tool. Your job as a blogger is not to create an award-winning prose but to establish meaningful relationships with your readers. Creating a unique personality on your blog is the best way to accomplish this.

3. Always strive to be original.

If you are blogging to make money, then you are essentially functioning as a business. And as with any kind of entrepreneurial venture, you best chances of success is hinged on how well you can differentiate yourself from the competition. There is a lot of that in the ‘blogosphere’, and it is your responsibility to make sure that your readers are gaining something valuable from your work.

Your blog will simply accumulate dust in cyberspace if you simply rehash material that has been repeated over and over again. You do not necessarily have to come out with a revolutionary piece all the time. If you want to write about something that has already been discussed somewhere, you may choose to create a unique spin on the topic.

4. Promote your blog like there’s no tomorrow.

Even great blogs can fall flat on their face without an adequate promotional strategy. The reality is that millions of websites already populate the web, and you cannot expect traffic to roll in automatically. If you are new to blogging, take the time to learn the basics of search engine optimization and social networking. Writing posts with well-incorporated keywords, generating back links, and properly using social media sites are all important if you want to make money from your blog.

Keep in mind that blogs take some time to mature. Just be patient and never let road bumps along the way discourage you.

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