How To Make The Most Money From Outsourcing

by WorkFromHome on August 2, 2011

To cut your commute down to the time it takes you to brew your morning cup of coffee, power up your computer and slip into your home office, join the latest wave of Australian professionals to turn into freelance workers. Working from home, you can provide valuable services to corporations and small businesses who want to outsource components of their organizations ranging from accounting to customer service to ghostwriting. Australians are not the only ones capitalizing on this trend in staffing, though, which means that to get hired you will need to publicize your expertise while picking the best assignments possible to get the most value out of your time.

Your Resume Might Be Great But You Still Have To Work Cheap As The New Guy

One of the hardest pills to swallow for skilled Australians new to working from home as freelancers is that despite having many years’ experience and numerous qualifications, until they have experience on a specific freelancing website, they will have to keep their rates low. This is because the nature of working online as a freelancer is such that your potential clients do not have anything to go on when deciding whether to hire you or one of the many other freelance professionals besides what you put on your profile.

If you were to apply for a position as an employee, you would be subject to background checks and interviews. As a freelance professional posting an advertisement online, however, you are unable to provide that same peace of mind to your potential clients. All you can really give them is samples of your work as well as evidence of previous high quality services through positive reviews from other clients on that freelancing website. If you are new to the freelancing website, though, you will need to cut your rate in order to lower the risk of lower quality work to your new clients.

Make Your Profile Stand Out Online With Extra Information

When you are competing with many other freelance professionals for a job it is essential that you stand out by showing off your professional skills by providing as much information as possible. Instead of giving potential customers the bare minimum amount of information about your professional qualifications and history in your industry you should take the time to carefully fill out all of the available fields in your profile.

Even if you are new to a freelancing website you can still give your potential new clients extra assurance about your qualifications and the quality of your work by providing samples of your writing, graphic design or other services. If you sold the rights to your work though, then you may be legally precluded from laying claim to the finished product. Consult with your legal adviser to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to any potential lawsuits by posting your samples.

Keep Your Clients Up To Date As You Work On Their Projects

One of the biggest concerns that companies have when outsourcing crucial projects to freelance professionals is whether the freelance professional will stay in touch with them as the project progresses. If a delay comes up as you work on your writing, marketing materials or other freelance services, then you need to notify your client as soon as possible so that they can plan for the change in the timing for the rest of the project since you are likely only providing a component of an overall business plan.

Ask your clients at the outset of the relationship how often they would like status reports, regardless of whether any problems have come up in the interim. Confirm with them whether you will be providing them as e-mails or during conference calls as well as what information they expect them to contain. Ensuring that you and your clients’ expectations of the relationship are aligned is the best way to prevent an unhappy client after you work hard to deliver a great product to him or her.

Stay Realistic About How Much Work You Can Really Handle

A lot of new freelance workers begin to commit to different projects and quickly find themselves overwhelmed with trying to provide the high quality writing, artistry, accounting, research or other services that they promised to their clients on the schedule that they agreed upon. As you become more popular on the freelancing website or websites that you belong to, this problem may even intensify thanks to increased client interest in your work.

You can mitigate your scheduling issues by using a free or low cost calendar program to plan the time that you will work on each project. Visualizing your schedule is a great way to make sure that you have enough time to do all of the work that you have promised for your clients while still allowing you to spend time with your family.

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