How To Make Working From Home Work For You

by WorkFromHome on July 25, 2011

The flexibility and potential for lower stress that working from home offers Australians has been publicized, but before you sign on to the first work from home opportunity that claims that it will pay you an outrageous sum of money, there are some things to think about first. While there are many great ways to make a living from home while spending time with your family, working from home may not mean that you will be working any less. In fact, many home based entrepreneurs report that they are working more hours than ever before! While those home based entrepreneurs may say that the benefits of working from home outweigh the extra hours, there are many Australians who have been burned by unethical scam artists who preyed upon their desire to work from home.

Start Your Journey Toward Working From Home With Small Steps

By now, you have probably read a number of glowing testimonials about working from home, becoming a home based entrepreneur or a remote employee using the Internet to connect with the office. There are many people that have found that they can have much more fulfilling and satisfying careers by using the Internet to connect with clients and employers. However, each testimonial is the story of just one person.

Every professional and entrepreneur’s home life, professional background and goals is different, which means that each experience will be unique. You simply cannot reasonably expect that your experience working from home online is going to mirror the instant success that someone else had. Quitting a job, even one that you are not crazy about, is a big decision, so before you take the big leap, it is important to make sure that you are doing it in a way that will make your life better rather than in an attempt to replicate someone else’s story.

Small steps toward working from home may help you to decide if you are truly cut out for working from home as a remote employee before you hand in your resignation to your boss and leave the world of commutes, offices and business suits behind for good. Try working part time from home at an online job during the evenings while holding onto your day job. This way you can explore whether you are really going to enjoy using the Internet to work from home or if you need to rethink your professional plans.

Check, Double Check And Then Check Some More

When it comes to entering into a relationship with a potential employer, you simply cannot be too careful. Although you are presenting your best face as you send out your resume, fill out applications and make yourself available for phone interviews, the hard truth is that there are scam artists who see would be at home employees like yourself as potential targets for identity theft scams.

Some of the most popular schemes run by these fraudsters include attempts to glean your credit card number, bank account number or other identifying information under the guise of evaluating your credentials as a home based employee or in order to pay you. If a company asks you to pay them to evaluate your sample, such as for a job as a freelance writer or commercial artist, then they are at best an unethical business and at worst a scam artist. Either way, you should keep looking for another professional opportunity as you should be paid for your work, not the other way around!

Businesses that claim that they can only pay you via direct deposit to your bank account should also be viewed as highly suspicious Today’s Internet savvy businesses are all aware that they can easily pay you via a number of services which mask your bank account information, which means keeping your data safe. If a company claims otherwise then they are, quite simply, either lying to you or ignorant of the realities of modern day business practices. Regardless, this is not a company that you should engage in business with since the odds that you will actually be paid by them are nearly non-existent.

Look For Quality Home Based Employers

Many so-called regular corporations employ at home employees, who are often referred to as remote employees. These businesses list these jobs in the same websites and advertisements as those jobs that are located at their offices. Be sure to read the job announcement all the way through to find the part about where it located!

Online only employers can also be great businesses to work for. Look for companies which have been verified by third party business bureaus as having good business practices. Of course, if a company has a red flag according to business bureaus then stay away!

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