How to Start a Freelance Writing Business

by WorkFromHome on May 23, 2011

The internet has provided small business and website owners with the opportunity to advertise and sell their products and services to an international market. The majority of website and small business owners prefer to outsource the marketing portion of their business to experienced professional writers. Professional copywrite and keyword-rich articles are imperative to being ranked highly in the search engines. A high search engine ranking translates into large profits for the business owner. A small percentage of people enjoy writing. Writing involves creativity, the ability to spend long hours typing and researching, and superb grammar skills. Most people find this type of work tedious. For those that enjoy writing and have a passion for it, or have a strong background in research or English, starting a freelance writing business may be the perfect opportunity to achieve financial freedom. Here are some tips for how to start a freelance writing business.

  1. Choose to write about topics of interest. Freelance writers have the freedom to write about virtually anything they choose. Some clients want press releases, while others need keyword-rich blog posts or copywrite. Professional freelance writers can choose to write about education, law, business, personal matters, family and parenting, finances, shopping, fashion, beauty, health, diet, economics, politics, computers, internet, automobiles, fine dining, travel, food, weddings, jobs, and animals, just to name a few. Anyone with an interest in a particular topic or subject can find plenty of writing assignments to suit their level of expertise on the subject. Choosing to write about a topic of interest or knowledge ensures that the assignments will be fun and be completed in a much shorter period of time. This translates into larger profits; time is money when it comes to writing for a living. The more one knows about a subject and the faster it can be researched and translated into relevant and original content, the more money one can make per hour.
  2. Do research. Most full-time freelance writers make a very good salary. The reason for this is that their services are always in demand. A great freelance writer will generally have a strong client base consisting of private clients, content-generating websites, and revenue-sharing websites. Online freelance writing forums, online job forums and boards, as well as local and online classified ads are great resources for gathering information on potential clients. Veteran freelance writers are always forthcoming in sharing their experiences, good and bad, with potential new writers. They can help guide new freelance writers and answer any questions, as they arise. They often offer invaluable insight on the best and most reputable companies to work for, and the times of the month in which the companies pay their writers.
  3. Be prepared to submit many writing samples. Well-established online writing companies are usually always on the lookout to hire, or contract with, new writers. The application processes can be lengthy, however. Expect to submit between one to three samples of quality writing. These companies have qualified editors that will assess the submitted samples to ensure that the writing is of excellent quality, relevant to their policies and requirements, and free of excessive grammatical errors. The turnaround time for acceptance into content-generated freelance writing sites is anywhere from several days to several weeks. Submitting a follow-up email after several weeks can be helpful in demonstrating interest and, subsequently, securing a spot as a freelance writer.
  4. Do not be afraid to offer services to local businesses. Some of the most lucrative projects can come from local merchants and businesses. Anyone with marketing or research experience can obtain ongoing projects and assignments from local businesses looking to establish an online presence. Law offices, medical offices, car dealerships, restaurants, clothing boutiques, insurance agents, and financial institutions are great places to attempt to gain clients. Schedule meetings with managers or executives to offer writing samples, relevant references, and a well-composed resume’ and cover letter which highlights experience. Anyone that can demonstrate a high level of professionalism, a verifiable work history, and submit quality writing samples can secure numerous high-paying writing jobs.
  5. The best way to maximize earning potential is to apply to as many sites of interest as possible. Content and revenue-sharing sites go through dry spells at times, so having a large “nest” of companies and private clients ensures an endless supply of work. Writing projects and assignments can be organised and maintained based upon deadline. When a freelance writer turns in projects in a timely manner, it results in more project offerings with higher pay, even during periods of dry spells.

Working from home as a freelance writer is extremely lucrative, enriching, and highly rewarding. Excellent writers that prove themselves are often rewarded with assignments from repeat clients, are featured in major magazines and news publications, and even featured on news or talk shows.

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