How To Succeed In Data Entry Work

by WorkFromHome on June 21, 2011

Data entry is one of the most popular fields for at home workers, since it offers a way to make a great deal of money from the comfort of home, without having to invest in an expensive education or costly equipment. Not all typists are able to make the same amount of money though, since some data entry workers may not be as qualified as others are. To maximize your earning opportunities in data entry, while working from home, read the following success factors for this growing field.

The More You Can Type, The More You Can Earn

At the heart of the field of data entry is being able to type fast and accurately. How fast can you accurately type? That means being able to type the words that are in front of you, without making any mistakes. Remember, your clients will not be interested in paying for the wrong information in their system! In the field of medical transcription, the wrong information can even prove dangerous to a patient’s health, while in computer programming, if you input the wrong symbol, letter or number, it can totally ruin the code and render a program useless and unable to run.

If you can type quickly on a 10-key, which is an industry term for the number pad on the right side of your keyboard, then you are much more valuable in the field of data entry as a typist. As you continue to grow your typing skills, you will be able to type faster and faster. Being able to type both longhand and typewritten documents is also an asset.

Focus On Your Work Even From Home

Like many workers who are based at home, data entry typists run the risk of losing focus and, as a result, losing potential income. After all, if you are not focused on your work, then you will not be accomplishing it. In data entry, if you do not accomplish your work, then you are not paid. Although you may not think that sitting at a desk or table and typing is particularly tiring, many data entry workers report that it is exhausting.

You can stave off focus problems and exhaustion by taking scheduled breaks from your data entry work. Make a point of stretching and walking around your house at least once every few hours, so that your body’s muscles do not become sore. You also can avoid uncomfortable muscle cramps by exercising regularly. Working at home means that you can schedule a break midday to go to your local fitness centre to walk on the treadmill or do some circuit training. Take advantage of this benefit to keep your body healthy and your mind focused on your work at hand.

Staying comfortable while typing is also important to getting as much data entry work done during the day as possible. Even though you could do your work from your couch, it is much better for your back, neck and even your hands to do your typing while sitting up in a chair at a desk. Purchase an ergonomic office chair to use while working, even if you are doing the bulk of your typing at the kitchen table. Consider it an important investment in your back’s health and in staving off carpal tunnel syndrome, which could end your career in data entry.

Find Your Data Entry Job

While previous generations of typists found work through newspaper ads, today you can use the Internet to search for your ideal position. You can create a website that shows off your data entry skills, as well as any web design acumen that you may have. This is a great idea for anyone who may want to supplement their data entry income with web design work in the future.

Data entry work is in demand by many industries, including the medical field and different areas of the financial world. Data entry workers are needed by banks, brokerage houses and even government agencies for data entry work concerning highly confidential information, such as clients’ personal information. You may also be asked to input large volumes of bank transactions and financial information during transitions between financial reporting systems. This also is needed when clients transition between banks or accounting firms, so as to realign their historical data.

To get jobs that concern confidential data, you will need to demonstrate that you are able to properly safeguard it. This means being able to pass a security background check by your potential employers. Having a criminal background or even a low credit score may be enough to disqualify you from these lucrative positions. You also will have to have a secure Internet connection over which to transmit your completed work.

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