How To Tell Great Data Entry Jobs From Scams

by WorkFromHome on June 10, 2011

Data entry work is a wonderful way for top typists to enjoy a great income from entering information ranging from financial data to medical transcriptions from home. Unfortunately, there are a great many unethical companies that prey upon Australians’ desire to find a great job with false advertisements promising data entry work. Instead, would be data entry operators lose time, money and many even suffer identity theft at the hands of these underhanded scam artists. Avoiding these scams will save you a headache while helping you to find legitimate data entry jobs. Read on for some of the top tips on how to get there!

If It Seems Too Good To Be True… Then Do Not Bother Applying

While you may want to believe that someone is really going to pay you an outrageous amount of money for doing comparably little work, unfortunately that is not going to happen. If an advertisement for data entry work promises you far more pay than the going rate for data entry work, then you are right to be suspicious and keep clicking through to the next job listing.

No Information Means Not Legitimate Data Entry Work

As you begin your search for data entry work online, you will begin to find that there are a great number of job listings out there that include headlines like “Data Entry Work! Great Pay!” but do not include specific details about the work itself, such as exactly what you will be doing for the company, who the business is or how you can contact them to ask more questions. For example, you should be able to see in an online advertisement who the company is, an e-mail address, phone number, comprehensive job description and other information.

Worse, if a listing provides information that makes a company seem less than professional, then it is even more likely to be the work of a scam artist. For example, a legitimate data entry company should have its own website address, rather than a sub domain address from a free web hosting service. This is because a real business wants potential customers and clients to be able to find it on the web. They are much more likely to be able to do so if the data entry company has its own legitimate address than if it is using a free web hosting address, which may change depending on the web hosting company’s whims.

A Real Job Pays You – Not The Other Way Around

A popular scam that is run by fraudsters posing as legitimate data entry businesses is to list advertisements for data entry operators on legitimate job boards. When applicants inquire about the position, however, the scam artist tells them that they must pay a fee in order to have a sample piece of data entry work reviewed by the company.

While it is not uncommon for legitimate data entry businesses to give potential new hires a trial run to see if they can provide the kind of timely and high quality work that they need, these businesses always pay their employees for their work. Even if you are working on a per assignment basis or on a trial basis, you can still expect to receive a paycheque. Your pay may increase after the trial period has passed, but under no circumstances should you be the one paying the data entry company to work for them!

Keep Your Personal Information To Yourself

Some scam artists are not satisfied with ripping off data entry operator applicants for their application fees. Instead, they may ask for personal information under the guise of filling out employment forms or paying you by direct deposit. While you may eventually have to provide identifying information in order to facilitate appropriate taxation and other legal forms, before you hand over you entire identity you should make sure that the business is legitimate.

Check with your business bureau to ensure that there are no black marks against the data entry company. You also can check online forums dedicated to working at home to see if anyone else has been burned by this particular business. If the company has asked for your banking information or if they are triggering any of the other red flags mentioned above, then you should keep your personal identifying information to yourself and continue to search for a real data entry position. The bottom line is that if you are getting a bad feeling about the company advertising for data entry operators, then you should keep searching for your next job. While you may want to believe that a business is legitimate, if you are wrong it could cost you and your family thousands of dollars and months of aggravation.

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