How To Work From Home As A Home Based Employee

by WorkFromHome on January 31, 2012

Many people incorrectly believe that the only way they can work from home is as a freelance worker. While working freelance or as a contract employee is great for some people, others prefer the stability of being an employee. Finding home based employment can be a little tricky, but it is not impossible if you know how to find this type of employment.

Where To Begin Your Search For Home Based Employment

The very first thing that you should do before you begin your search for home employment is decide what type of employment opportunity you wish to find, followed by updating your CV to present to potential employers.

It is very easy to state that you wish to work from home. The hard thing to do is determine what profession you desire. Do you wish to work as an office assistant? Are you interested in sales? Are you qualified to provide support help? Do you enjoy customer service? Do you want to work standard hours, or does your personal situation require you to work at odd times or during the night hours? These are all the questions you must address prior to starting your search for employment. This will help direct you toward the right employers, and perform the right Internet searches.

You will want to have your CV current and in order. While you should never lie about your experience or qualifications, you should make sure that the items listed on your CV are complementary to your skills. There are many informational sites on the Internet that can guide you to creating the perfect CV.

Utilizing Job Listing Sites

The most effective way to begin your search for work at home employee positions is to use the job sites that allow you to search their postings. Most of these sites are free, although some sites have begun to charge a usage fee.

When you are searching these sites for information, it is important to use the correct keywords to find the position you are looking for in their lists. Using “work from home” may not bring you the type of positions you are looking for because it is to general of a term. Most employers will not list positions under that category. When you are searching for home employment, you should try the following terms:

  • Telecommuting Positions
  • Telecommute
  • Remote Employment or Employee
  • Off-site worker or offsite worker
  • Virtual assistant
  • Virtual positions
  • Home based employment
  • Telecommuting Customer Service
  • Internet employment
  • Online based employment

These words are the most common used in the industry when looking for home employees.

Other Places To Find Home Based Employment Opportunities

It is also recommended that you scan local newspapers and classified advertisements on and off line for available positions. Many job agencies in your local areas will also carry these listings, even if they do not post them online.

Social networking sites are also a great place to find information about this type of employment. A majority of the groups found on these sites are dedicated to freelance opportunities, but there are several for home based employees. Interacting on these sites will allow you to gain knowledge of the industry and have first-hand knowledge of any new positions entering the market.

What To Expect When You Find A Position

When you find a position that you wish to apply for you should expect the process to proceed just like a regular land-based job. You will need to submit a cover letter and CV, you will be called for an interview, and you will go through a hiring process just like any other type of employment. References will be checked, and previous employment will be verified.

What About Home Based Employment Scams?

The Internet has created many opportunities for people when searching for employment and it has created many opportunities for scam artists to take advantage of employment seekers. When you are searching for employment on the Internet you should be aware of the following signs that the employer may not be legitimate:

  • Employer requests you to make a payment or purchase before you begin your job
  • Employer promises very high rates of pay for a position that normally does not pay that well
  • Website for the employment opportunity is listed on a sub-domain. A legitimate company will own their own website and not host their site on a free page.
  • Any employment agency that asks for payment for you to be connected with an employment opportunity
  • • Any employer that asks you to perform a service for free so they can “evaluate” your work
  • Any employer that “hires” you without a proper interview
  • Any employer that does not provide you employment guidelines, pay scale and pay date information and corporate contact information in writing prior to your employment beginning.

Always remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it is most likely a scam.

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