How You Can Turn Blogging Into A Work From Home Job

by WorkFromHome on September 30, 2011

In a world overcome with news sources, today’s readers have turned to blogs for well written editorial information about niche topics. Whether it is reviews of organic baby food, tutorials on how to work around the newest firewalls being thrown up or another esoteric topic, if you have the interest and the writing ability then there is an audience of Aussies who will devour what you post.

Pick The Right Topic to Post About

Before you start buying the rights to different URL’s you need to know what it is that you will be writing about. Do not dribble on about random topics or your daily life. While celebrities and a few select blogs have found success with a hodge podge of topics, with so many other blogs out there for readers to choose from, new blogs need to be focused on a single topic.

Not sure which topic to zero in on for your blog? Check out which topics are already popular and consider how you can put your own unique spin on them. Creating a blog that is based on an idea that has not already been tried out may feel riskier but it could ultimately prove even more successful than trying to leverage someone else’s niche popularity. If you come up with a topic that you would want to read regular new blog posts on then there are probably others who feel the same way. Trust your gut to lead you in the right direction!

Write Quality Blog Posts And Then Write Some More

The heart and soul of a blog is well written posts which are regularly added to with, you guessed it, even more well written blog posts. Readers who find your blog will be disappointed to see that it has not been updated in several days or weeks and will not be back. Just like the news is constantly evolving with the changing events of the day so is the Internet. Whether it is Saturday, Christmas or any other day of the year, Internet users are constantly searching for answers, information and news.

While you may later be able to reduce your posting frequency from daily to just a few times a week or even just once a week, when you first start your blog you will need to post at least once a day. The most blog posts that your website has, the more key terms, phrases and pictures search engines will be able to use to find your blog. Having a large store of blog posts will also help you to establish your credibility as a serious blog with your readers, which is a key part of building up a loyal readership.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog To Get Readers

For your blog to ultimately be monetized you will need to have readers. While you will hopefully get many of your future readers from recommendations from current readers, you first need to get the ‘current readers.’ Joining a blog network which will automatically display a link to your blog on other blogs is a great way to jump start your readership. You will be required to place a widget on your blog as well. This is an added bonus since having outbound links is a great way to gain search engine credibility and show up higher in the rankings when users search for terms related to your blogs.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the area of web design and analysis devoted to trying to increase your blog’s ranking in search engines’ results. Users looking for information typically do not bother with looking at websites listed beyond the first few results that a search engine spits out, so you want to make sure that your blog shows up there. Using the right keywords is a good first step but if you are serious about driving search engine users to your website, then you will need to delve more deeply into search engine optimization. There are some great guides on the web as well as professionals who can help you to make the most of your blog’s search engine potential.

Monetize Your Blog Without Losing readers

To make a living from your blog you will need to be able to make money from it. This process, also called monetizing, can take several different shapes. you can use different advertising services, such as Google’s Adsense, to earn money when your readers click on advertisements which are automatically generated. More specific advertising programs for your niche, such as programs that connect fashion blogs up with clothing stores or place ads targeted at parents on blogs for parents may also exist.

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