Indulge Your Creative Side While Supporting Your Family

by WorkFromHome on July 5, 2011

Throw out your preconceived notions about poor artists! Today’s creative Australians can turn their artistic talents and creative impulses into home based businesses and fully fledged careers that both satisfy their creative needs as well as paying their family’s bills. Creative work ranges from painting portraits of other Australians to more modern pursuits, such as digital photography, art therapy and other niche areas. Before you dive into your new career, though, make sure that you are ready to turn your passion into a profit making activity by reading on below.

Passion May Come And Go But To Make A Profit You Will Have To Keep Painting

Some artists might have the luxury of waiting for the muse to strike before they uncap their bottles of oil paints and begin to apply paint to canvas. Those artists, however, are not relying on the income from the sale of their paintings to pay for their family’s groceries. The bottom line? If you want to become a full time artist, then you need to be ready to work full time, regardless of whether you feel inspired or not.

As a full time artist in need of income, you also must be prepared to compromise your artistic vision in order to make a sale. It could mean painting yet another watercolor landscape when you have decided that you would much prefer to move into acrylics or it could mean snapping hundreds of photographs of a fairly boring wedding, even though you would really prefer to be out taking photographs of some natural wonder. Every artist has to make the choice between struggling or putting his or her artistic impulses on hold in order to make the rent each month. It is only the latter category, though, that truly are on their way to owning and operating their own home business.

Blending Your Artistic Vision With Your Client’s Needs

Being creative, you likely are not only a talented artist, musician, author or photographer, but you also probably have your own opinions on how you can best apply those talents. After all, you have had an entire lifetime to learn how to best marshal your talents to your tastes. As a professional artist, though, you will have to learn how to accept your clients’ opinions along with the payment that they will give you for your services.

Collaborating with a client may come easier for some artists than it does for others. If you can hold a consultation with a client to discuss what the client’s vision is for his or her family portrait or the surprise recital that he or she wants to give his or her mother as a birthday present, then you will be much more likely to be able to grow a successful long term relationship with your client and to grow your business overall.

As talented as you likely are, there are many other artists who are just as talented. This means that you must compete with them based upon your ability to offer quality customer service to your clients. Artists generally do not take returns like department stores do, but if you can make your client’s experience in planning the artwork an enjoyable one, then you will be able to not only land more clients but you also will be able to charge a premium for your services.

Popular Creative Home Based Businesses

There are any number of creative outlets that you can use to generate a tidy financial income for yourself and your family. Some of the most popular leverage both the oldest and newest art forms available to you. Sculpture and pottery has been around for thousands of years and continues to be in demand by both high end collectors as well as shoppers as crafts fairs interested in differentiating their home kitchens. Portrait painting has been around nearly as long and also continues to be popular, particularly as a gift as the holidays. The holidays is also a profitable time for musicians who can easily find entire weekends booked up with holiday party performances alongside carollers.

Digital photography takes yesterday’s photographic services a step further by allowing you to take both portraits as well as landscape shots and sell them to potential clients. Use the Internet to allow others to purchase the right to print them on canvas, paper or even household goods in exchange for a royalty or sell the rights to them to advertising agencies that will use them in Internet and print marketing materials both here in Australia and abroad.

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