Industries That Hire Freelance Writers

by WorkFromHome on May 11, 2011

Freelance writers who are interested in growing their income this year are in luck! Now that the world’s economies are finally starting to move again, there are several industries that are primed to hire more freelance writers than ever before. As these niche business areas grow in the coming months, they will need freelance writers like you to help them to provide quality content, such as blog posts, articles, newsletters and copywriting.

Geriatric Medicine

Now that the baby boomer generation is hitting its retirement years, this massive generation is generating a huge demand for eldercare that will last for at least the next decade or two! This means that the health care industry, including doctors, assisted living facilities and nursing homes all will be growing their businesses tremendously.

More and more doctors will be entering this lucrative field, which means that they will need freelance writers who are able to write knowledgeably about both geriatric medicine and senior health issues while assisting them in marketing their practices. Copywriting and web content writing are both sure to be popular services!

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities will also need freelance writers’ services to help them to remain competitive in the coming years. Marketing these facilities to the baby boomer generation, which is more web savvy than previous generations, will be a lucrative opportunity. The baby boomer generation is also very discerning, which means that nursing homes and assisted living facilities, once considered uniform utilitarian institutions, will be using freelance writers’ services to try to better market themselves in brochures and other advertising materials.


Before they hit the nursing home, baby boomers will be using their retirement funds to take cruises around the world and travel to other far off places. Travel writing presents a great opportunity to mine any previous travel writing experiences that you may have while developing this new and potentially profitable skill set. Travel writing can be a lot of fun, since it means writing about exotic places, fun restaurants and other niche interests. Market your freelance writing to travel agents and tourism offices and you may be able to snag yourself a free vacation or two in exchange for your writing!


More people than ever before are seeking postsecondary education. As the demand for higher education has risen, so has the number of colleges that are vying for these students. Traditional colleges and universities now must compete with online schools, which mean that there may be an opportunity for you to enjoy significant income from writing blog posts, website content and other articles for educational institutions.

If you have previous professional experience in higher education, or in private school education, then you may be uniquely positioned to take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity. Even if your only experience in education is your own time spent in college, you can still leverage that knowledge to write about the benefits of an education in articles, blog posts and newsletters.

Human Resources

These days, human resources means executive recruiters, head-hunters and staffing agencies charged with locating highly skilled professionals, administrative staff and temporary workers for companies of all sizes. These staffing firms need freelance writers to help them to write both the job descriptions that they use to search for professionals as well as to help with writing copy that will be used to market the executive recruitment firm to businesses.

As more and more executive recruitment firms and staffing agencies open in an effort to meet the growing demand from businesses, the competition level between them will rise. This presents an opportunity for freelance writers like you to help these staffing agencies to both increase the level of quality of their job listings as well as to remain competitive through better marketing to businesses.

Best Practices

No matter what niche you decide to tackle, or if you work to become proficient in all of the above, remember that quality in writing is always paramount. This means that you must consistently provide perfect grammar and spelling, as well as excellent customer service. Being easy to work with is the best way to ensure that your current clients turn into repeat business, which means that your freelance business will remain a steady stream of income.

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