Is it Possible to Work from Home as a Data Entry Specialist?

by WorkFromHome on December 23, 2011

Data entry jobs have been available to qualified work from home candidates since the dawn of the internet age. As one of the first types of jobs for the home-based employee, data entry jobs have provided a consistent and regular income to individuals for years. In recent years, however, data entry jobs have become so competitive and hard to find that many wonder if it is even possible to work from home in the data entry sector anymore. Scam artists often plague the data entry field, making it even harder to secure legitimate steady data entry work. Very few online companies still offer data entry jobs, and the number of applicants for each respective position can reach in the thousands. With that being said, diligence, research, and patience can still pay off for those looking for data entry jobs.

Why Are Data Entry Jobs So Hard to Come By?

Data entry jobs involve the transcription of audio, hand-written, or texted submissions into digital transcriptions. With most data entry jobs, no special qualification or level of skill is required. Many of today’s available online jobs require a certain level of qualification, degree, or skill set in order to land the job. Data entry simply requires a dedication, accurate typing ability, and typing speeds of around 35 words-per-minute. Most individuals looking to work from home qualify for most data entry jobs.

Data entry is also highly sought-after because of the convenience and flexibility. Many looking to work from home have young children or pets in the home that often interfere with other traditional phone-based work from home jobs. Data entry jobs become the obvious choice for those looking to cut daycare and commute costs, while acquiring a flexible schedule. Data entry projects and jobs are often assigned on a daily or weekly basis, with regard to deadlines for completion. Specialists can submit completed work or projects in their spare time and work around family schedules and obligations.

Another reason that data entry jobs are so hard to come by is that the industry, as a whole, has dedicated and committed employees that rarely leave their respected positions. Those actively working in data entry fields understand how difficult the job market and economy is and hold tight to their positions as data entry specialists. As a result, when most online data entry companies do hire, it is typically for one or two positions. Once the positions are filled, which happens relatively quickly, the job offer is closed and usually does not re-open for several years.

How Do I Find Available Data Entry Jobs?

The key to finding legitimate data entry jobs is to watch out for scam artists, check online forums, classified advertisement sites and job boards often, and expand your search to include local small and large businesses. Persistence and dedication are the keys to finding online data entry jobs. Forums are perhaps the best bet to finding legitimate work from home data entry jobs. Popular work from home forums are filled with seasoned home-based employees that work together to find jobs for every member of the forum community. They post researched and legitimate data entry job leads from trusted resources as they come across them on the internet. The key to being considered for any online data entry job is to apply quickly and often as you come across job leads. These positions often receive thousands of applicants per position, so being at the “front of the pack” and providing relevant work experience and qualifications can give you the edge over other potential candidates.

Local businesses can often provide you with more opportunities for data entry work than any other recognised company online. Local businesses such as medical offices, hospitals, law offices, financial institutions, educational facilities, and financial institutions often need qualified data entry specialists to assist with data entry tasks and spreadsheet configurations. The problem with most of these small local businesses is that they lack the time or funding necessary to reach out and hire qualified data entry specialists. Scheduling meetings with local decision-makers of small businesses can land you many long-term and high-paying clients that will offer a steady stream of work to you. You just have to get out there, take a chance, not be afraid of the word “no,” and show local businesses how your services can save them time and money.

Data entry jobs, although hard to come by, are great sources for consistent income and a solid hourly wage. If you are diligent in your research, expand your job search to include local businesses, and frequently visit the job boards and forums, you can land the perfect data entry job suitable for your lifestyle and income needs.

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