It Is All About Converting Customers Into Sales

by WorkFromHome on August 5, 2011

You may have the best marketing methods that the Internet has ever witnessed. You may have the skills to drive countless thousands of visitors to your site every day. However, if you cannot convert those visits into sales, all your efforts are for nothing. Websites, and businesses, do not generate incomes unless someone is willing to purchase the product.

There is a very simple way to convert more of your visitors into paying customers. It is referred to as the KISS method. KISS stands for: Keep It Simple, Stupid. While it is a bit rude, it is a very powerful method that has created countless Internet millionaires. The five following steps comprise of the entire KISS method, simple in itself.

  1. Make sure the site is easy to navigate. You may have an incredibly beautiful site, but if it takes more than a few clicks to find the product or service the visitor is interested in, they will most likely move on to another site. If the Internet has created anything, it has created a diminished attention span. People want the information now, and they do not to wait. Placing a search box on your main page will help customers find the information quickly, and boost your conversion numbers.
  2. Make sure the information is detailed and written for Internet reading. People are always leery about purchasing a product from a picture alone. However, their comfort level increases with good details about the product. Make sure that when you write the description that you break it up into small paragraphs that are easy to scan. This is the most popular type of Internet style writing.
  3. Make the call to action known. The first thing that you should remember is that people hate to scroll down a page. When you have a product to sell have the purchase or “add” button near the top of the page so they can easily click. Take this one step further, and change the button to “Add To Cart.” This gives the consumer the psychological impression that you already assume that they are there to make the purchase. Many people, at that point feel compelled to purchase, even if they are not positive about the transaction.
  4. Make sure your site is compatible with more than one browser. Some of the smaller sites are only compatible with Internet Explorer. You must remember that there is also FireFox, Chrome and MacIntosh users out on the web. If you do not know if your site is compatible, or do not know how to make it that way, you should immediately contact an IT person to change your site settings. There is absolutely no reason to miss out on sales for something so simple.
  5. Try not to mine for too much personal information. While most marketing gurus will tell you that you need to obtain as much information as possible. The opposite is true. People have begun to feel violated by websites demanding so much personal information to make a purchase. They feel that they are not required to do so when shopping in person; they should not be required to do so online. Provide them an option to create an account if they desire. Many will simply because it is a choice. For those who do not want an account, recommend during the checkout process that they join your RSS Feed. The feed will allow you to remain in contact, creating future sales, without violating the consumer’s sense of privacy.

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