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by WorkFromHome on April 5, 2011

Working from home requires determination, focus, perseverance, research, and professionalism. The payoff for hard work results in the ability to make an honest living from the comforts of your own home or home office. Many who choose to work from home full or part-time avoid many of the common expenses associated with working outside of the home. Expenses such as daycare for children, fuel for vehicles, highway toll expenses, lunch or dinner costs, and the cost associated with purchasing a professional work wardrobe are eliminated when one chooses to start a career at home.

Although work from home job availability is on the rise, it can still be difficult to find legitimate work from home jobs. For every one legitimate job posting found on the internet, there are thirty-two others that are scams. An unfortunate part of the work from home job prospect process is learning to weed out the good job offers from the bad. This can be very tricky as scammers/spammers are professionals at posting seemingly authentic and legitimate job offers and opportunities. The best advice with regard to work at home jobs is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are many places to go online to research the legitimacy of a job or company.

Places to Search for Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

  1. Local and Regional verification offices are a wonderful source for determining a company’s legitimacy. They are easily accessed and available to the public, generally for free. They post complaints, court cases, and give an overall rating for the company’s dependability. Anyone registered as a business entity will usually have locatable contact information, such as a phone number and/or business address. It should be noted, however, that just because a business doesn’t appear on a verification website, does not necessarily mean they are a scam. Further research may be needed to determine if a potential employer is genuine.
  2. Online chat forums and communities are often the best place to determine whether a job is legitimate. These communities base their success on the “people helping people” platform. There are many online communities that are considered the “go-to” source for those who are employed or perform contract work from home. Members of these communities are wise, courteous, knowledgeable, and dependable and usually work for any number of companies. As a result, they can provide honest feedback on a client or company’s track record in doing business. Many of these senior members have been involved with the community since the opening of the site, often many years. Their sage advice and resources prove invaluable to any new work from home job searcher.
  3. Freelance sites have become so popular that there is generally an average of work and projects available to those looking to work from home. In fact, new freelance sites open their online doors nearly every day. Freelance sites offer variety to those looking to find legitimate work from home. Potential employers are screened by these freelance companies to determine their authenticity, which eliminates a lot of research on the part of the job-seeker. Job-seekers generally submit an online profile, which highlights their qualifications, skills, and assets. This allows potential employers the opportunity to seek out the right candidate for the position. Some freelance sites offer a “bidding-style” platform, which allows equal opportunity to all interested candidates. Candidates bid on the amount they would like to be paid for completing the project or work, and the employer selects from the qualified bidders.
  4. Online job sites are still one of the best ways to find work from home jobs. These sites are often swimming with spam and false job offerings, so it is best to proceed with caution. Some of the best and most lucrative job offerings do come from these online job sites, however, so it is definitely worth sorting through and applying. These sites allow a user to create and submit an online profile, resume’, and cover letter and allow the job-seeker the opportunity to customize a profile. Users filter how and where they want their information to appear on the site, as to maximize or minimize their exposure to employers. These sites are filled with job opportunities in all trades, so keyword searches are essential to locating the work from home jobs that are available. Keywords such as telecommute, virtual, online, remote, work from home, work at home, and home-based will pull up desired job offerings in the work from home sector.
  5. Looking local is often one of the most surprisingly rewarding ways of finding gainful employment from home. Many small businesses can afford to cut costs on taxes and insurance liability when they hire or contract with home-workers. This is a win-win situation for both the employer and the job-seeker. The employer gets to cut operational business costs, while the employee receives the freedoms that working from home can afford. If you have a particular trade, qualification, or degree, preparing a quality resume’ and cover letter can open many doors of opportunity within your community. Many online retailers offer low-cost and even free business cards. Having a set of business cards with your name, contact information, and area of expertise listed offers networking opportunities, which can be an integral part of the work from home job search. Doctor’s offices, law offices, hospitals, insurance and realty businesses are often looking for transcriptionists, data entry specialists, and file clerks to handle their day-to-day operations. The best way to seek out work from home employment opportunities in your community is to print several copies of your portfolio and present them to local businesses within your trade. Introduce yourself, offer a business card and resume’, and opportunities may present themselves.
  6. It is important not to rush the work from home job process. Having a hobby, specification, college major or trade is a critical first-step in selecting the type of work you would enjoy doing from home. Thorough and effective job-searching will yield the home-job of your dreams.

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