Low Cost Marketing Ideas That Will Increase Freelance Writing Profits

by WorkFromHome on August 1, 2011

Freelance writing can be a great way for talented Australians to translate their skills in communications into a tidy profit. You can even build a successful home based business upon your freelance writing work. A successful home based business requires clients, however, which means that you will have to market your freelance writing services to corporations, charities and other organizations. Keeping those advertising and marketing costs low can mean dramatically increasing your fledgling freelance writing business’s profit margin. Read on below for some of the best low cost and free tips and tricks that you can use to get clients.

Keep Current With Your Community’s Events

Having great writing skills is a must have for successful Australian freelance writers, no matter whether they are in Sydney, Perth or somewhere more rural. Even in more sparsely populated areas of Australian, though, you still will need to make connections with potential clients in order to win clients’ business over other competent writers. Although other writers may send query letters to local businesses via the Internet, you can leverage your local connections and knowledge by staying up to date on your area’s business happenings.

Read the local newspaper to find out more about which up and coming business leaders have been promoted or have purchased new businesses. You can send letters of congratulations when you see these events mentioned along with a few of your business cards. Make sure that your business cards are up to date with your name and all of your relevant information. Your e-mail address, phone number and even a brief description of your services are all considered to be essential pieces of information for today’s business cards.

Keep a contact log of when you contact someone and follow up with a communication in the future. Sending an article related to their business or industry is a great way to provide value to potential clients while keeping your name at the forefront of their minds as they consider which freelance writers to use to fill their various writing needs. do not bombard your potential clients’ mailboxes though! They might assume you have no clients if you have time to continuously send them letters or simply be annoyed.

Get Out Of The House And Start Networking With Your Business Partners

One of the best ways to make connections that can turn into future clients for your home based freelance writing business is to get out of your house and start meeting some of those people. Your local chamber of commerce or business affinity group is a terrific place for networking with business owners who need freelance writers to supply them with product descriptions, website content and more.

If standing around at cocktail hours exchanging business cards feels a little too stilted for you, do not fret! Business organizations offer more than just hardcore networking. You can get all the benefits of generating leads for your business while learning soft skills like communication at free seminars for members or by participating in volunteer activities ranging from outreach to aspiring high school students to helping out at the local soup kitchen. Take on a leadership role in a committee or by coordinating an event to get noticed and increase your clout as a local businessperson.

Leverage The Network That Your Already Have To Grow Your Contact List

The most powerful contact list that you will already have is the one that you already have at the tip of your fingers. Have you told your family members and friends that you are working as a freelance writer and that your services are available for new clients? Telling your connections about the types of writing services that you can provide will allow them to refer you to their circles of connections in the future.

It may feel weird to talk about your freelance writing business to your friends and relatives, but as long as you do not put any pressure on them to hire you, your family members and friends should be happy to support your new business. Start to carry a case of your business cards with you so that you can hand each person a handful of them to pass on to their business contacts, friends and acquaintances in the future. Be sure to thank them profusely for helping you out! If one of your personal contacts’ connections turns into a client in the future, be sure to let your friend or family member know that their good deed paid off. Thanking them with a personal note and a small token gift is a great way to ensure that they will keep passing your name on to others in the future.

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