Lucrative Ways To Make Money From Home With Pet Services

by WorkFromHome on July 1, 2011

A very simple, yet very lucrative, way to make money from home is through pet services. There are millions of household pets in the country, with millions of owners. Tapping into this industry, both on and offline, is a great way to earn money from home.

Some of the ways you can make money in the pet industry include:

Off Line Methods

  • Pet walking service
  • Pet sitting service
  • Pet bathing service
  • Pet grooming service (if you know the trade)
  • Making and selling gourmet pet treats

Online Methods

  • Create website offering pet supplies (affiliate marketing)
  • Create pet blog (advertising income)
  • Sell pet insurance products
  • Create veterinary referral website

Pet Walking, Sitting, or Bathing Service

There are many reasons why a person may not be able to walk their dog. They may be elderly, they may work long hours, or they may just need some extra help. By offering this service you fix a problem that many pet owners face.

When a person or family wishes to go on holiday, they often face the dilemma of what to do with their pet. A pet sitting service will allow them to go on holiday without having to worry about the health and well being of their pet.

Keeping your pet clean is essential to the good health of the pet and the home it which it resides. However, many people have a difficult time making time to clean their pet. This is not a grooming service which involves hair cutting, but simply a bath service to help keep their pet clean. Pensioners will appreciate this service the most. Many times it is quite hard for them to manoeuvre into a position to wash the dog. If you are trained and licensed to groom dogs you can offer this as an additional service. If you are not, simply stick to the bathing.

Gourmet Dog Treats

Pet lovers often spoil their pets as if they were children. This includes buying treats for their pets. Gourmet pet treats are a very popular business and the profits are very high. You can sell these treats at a local shop, at open markets, or through a website. Recipes can be found for these treats by doing a quick search on the Internet or visiting the library.

Make sure that when you make these treats that you make them eye appealing to the owner. Even though the pet will not really care if the treat is in the shape of a bone, the owner will find it charming and make the purchase.

As an additional money making idea, try making all the products from organic products. Not only can you charge more for “all-natural” products, you will appeal to a larger audience of pet owners.

Online Opportunities

There are several opportunities to make money online with pet services. You can begin by creating a pet-based website and filling it with great information and affiliate links to pet products. Sign up as an affiliate partner with many different pet care and product sites and promote the items on your site. If you place good content on the site, you will generate traffic and sales.

The same information can be applied to a blog. Create a blog for relevant pet information. Use your blog to promote products you are affiliated with. Make sure that you keep the blog updated, especially with any important local news. Use your blog to sponsor pet events in your local area so it becomes well known. The more visitors to your blog, the more revenue you will generate.

Create a vet-connect service for your area. On this type of site you can connect local residents with the different veterinarians in your area. Fees can be charged for vets to advertise and you can monetize the site with your own affiliate links.


As you can see, pets and their owners are a great source of revenue when you work at home. These are just a few examples of what you can create to earn money from home. Take a moment to look at your own local area, you will be amazed at the opportunities you will find.

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