Make Extra Money Doing Online Surveys

by WorkFromHome on April 16, 2011

Are you looking for a way to earn some extra money from home? Online surveys may be the answer for you! Taking online surveys is not a reasonable means of earning your full income, but can be a great way to supplement your income. With inflation occurring in the economy and the increasing cost of living, many people would welcome this financial boost.

How They Work

Many businesses chose to offer online surveys. This allows them to save a substantial amount of money that would have been spent hiring a market research company. Surveys pinpoint customers’ interests and allow the company to choose advertising catered to the interests of the majority of people. For this reason, online surveys are very beneficial to businesses.

The easiest way to locate these surveys is by joining a survey company or market research group. You can sign up for multiple companies to further increase your chances of completing many surveys. When filling out the questions asked when joining, be sure to include as much information about yourself as you can. Do not skip over these questions. The answers to these determine which surveys are sent to you. The more information that is displayed about you, the more survey opportunities you will find that you have.

Scams to Avoid

When searching for online surveys, you are bound to run into some scams. These are usually pretty easy to spot. If a site promises an extreme amount of money for completing surveys, it is most likely a scam. It is just not logical for a company to pay each person who takes a survey hundreds of dollars. Also, if a survey company costs a lot of money to join, it is probably a scam. Generally, companies that offer potential survey takers hundreds of dollars are scams which ask the survey taker to pay a lot of money when he or she signs up. In actuality, if you pay the money, you will likely be led to a site which contains links to other, legitimate, survey completing sites. Many of these scams don’t even update their database which means that you would be paying large amounts of money for obsolete leads. The majority of legitimate surveys pay between a dollar and twenty dollars each. If a survey offers you much more than this, be very wary. Occasionally there are legitimate surveys for a lot of money, however most are scams.


Some of the best survey companies are free. It’s best to find a reliable free directory of internet survey companies as you begin your search for surveys. These will help you in your search and cost absolutely nothing to join.

By giving your information to survey companies and market research companies, you do open yourself up to receiving more junk mail in your inbox. Most companies do not share information with outside companies, however some do so it could still happen. To avoid the possibility of this, you can create an alternate email account to be used only for the surveys. This is also convenient in organizing your correspondence with survey companies and keeping it separate from your personal account. There are many free options for alternate email accounts.

Surveys are great because they can fit into anyone’s schedule. They can be completed at any time and you can choose which you would like to complete once you receive invitations. Many people find that they are more efficient when they select a certain time to check for invitations and fill out surveys. Pick a time that works well with your schedule, whether it’s five in the afternoon or two in the morning, and set that aside for surveys. Remember, completing surveys can be done at your leisure and should be a fun way to supplement your income.

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