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by WorkFromHome on April 23, 2011

Are you spending every day getting up early and driving into the city to work at a job that you hate? Somehow, this has become the ideal that people aim for in Australia even though no one seems to like it. This has become what is expected. People even joke about how much they hate their jobs as if everyone else must also hate theirs. Well, the truth is that many people out there have decided that the big corporations are not the way to go, that the large companies and the gruelling schedules are not the best way to make money. Instead, they have decided to work on their own, to make money from home doing something that is much easier.

All that you will need if you want to make this a reality is a computer with an internet connection. Anyone who has basic computer skills can find some way to make money online. Sure, some things will be technologically too advanced for certain people. However, most of these jobs do not take any special knowledge at all. You do not have to go to school to do them and you do not have to have a degree in order to start making a lot of money. The following are a few ideas that you can utilize to turn your free time into money or to quit your job completely.

1. Write A Blog

First off, you should consider starting a blog. This is easy to do, fast, and free. You can just select the online blog site that you like the most and set up an account. Any of the main sites will do. Then you need to start trying to get people to read what you have to say. The internet offers a huge advantage because anyone can write on it, but you still need to have something worthwhile to say before you start writing or no one will read it. No matter what topics you decide to write about, make sure that the articles are both interesting and informative.

Once you have created some popularity and a following, it is time that you began to make money from home. You could start by working as an affiliate, promoting products and trying to convince people to buy them. You could just put up periodic blog posts for these products that are complete with links that the company will give you — when someone uses your link to go through and make a purchase, you will be paid a commission. You could also put ads on your blog so that you will be paid each time someone views the site.

2. Write Another Person’s Blog

If you do not want to try to think of your own topics, you could be a ghostwriter for someone else who wants to have a blog and is willing to pay for it. Through a freelance writing website, you can pick up many jobs and bid on them. If you win the bid, you will get to write a number of blog posts about the subjects that the person supplies to you. These will generally not be very hard to write and people who are making a lot of money from ads and affiliate work will pay you handsomely to keep the blog up and running.

You could also work as a freelance ghostwriter, creating copy for websites that people own. Much of this copy will be driven by keywords, designed to get higher rankings for the website on the popular search engines. You will just be given a topic and a list of keywords and you will be able to start writing about whatever you want. Page rank is very important since most users will not click past the second page of results after a search has been performed, so companies are happy to pay you for this work.

3. Start Your Own Site For Backlinks And Ads

Many people have started their own websites. There will be a little bit of cost involved here since you will have to pay to register a domain name and also to have server space, but this is very affordable. You can then use the website in much the same way that you would use a blog, though you will have far greater control over the site’s content and layout. You can start by creating content to get your site to rise up the search engine rankings. From there, you can start creating backlinks to other sites. Since the search engines look at the number of links on the internet when they determine how the page should rank, companies will often pay you to put links or ads on your site. This will get them more publicity and help them to sell more of their products and services.

4. Write How To Articles

There is a great demand on the internet for How To articles. The internet is a resource that millions of people use when they do not know how to do something; they will just punch the question into a search engine and one of the relevant How To articles will come up as a result. Someone, however, has to write all of these articles and descriptions of how to do tasks. If you are good at typing and explaining things to others, this could be the perfect way to make money from home.

You will often have to apply to work for these sites, so employment in this fashion is not a given. Anyone who has a good grasp of language and the ability to type fluently will be able to get a job doing this, though. The need is just that great. These sites will often pay you by the article and they will provide you with a word count that you need to hit. They will also have editors who have to approve everything that you write, so this is not quite as easy as writing a blog of your own.

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