Make Money from Home as a Freelance Writer

by WorkFromHome on July 16, 2011

Freelance writers are among the highest paid in the work from home sector. A well-established writer submits content to online publications, blogs, forums, and content generation websites in exchange for a set fee. Some freelance writers earn what is commonly known as revenue share from sites that pay writers an up-front payment and residual income for promoting the submitted articles on the internet. Some freelance writers also write short stories, content guides, essays, and even novels for high payouts. To be a successful freelance writer and make money from home, you simply need to have the desire to succeed, a strong command of the English language, and be an efficient researcher and typist.

There is no shortage of available freelance writing gigs or jobs. In fact, freelance writing jobs can be found regularly on online job websites, local classified advertisement sites, and are posted daily on work from home forums.

When searching for freelance writing jobs on online job sites, it is important to include relevant search terms to narrow down the postings. Terms such as “online freelance writer,” “online freelance writing,” “freelance writing gig,” “online writing job” and “freelance writing project” are just a few of many different and popular keyword searches that can yield favourable results. It is always best to request half of the project’s payment up-front to establish legitimacy. Online jobs sites are swarming with scam artists. A genuine company or offer will comply with this request, as this is customary between private clients and writers.

Searching locally is also a great way to gain long-term clients and on-going projects. Many local businesses, newspaper companies, marketing firms, and print advertisement agencies enlist the help of local professionals to complete ad copy, press releases, and various other writing assignments on their behalf. A well-written resume’ and listing of pertinent qualifications can earn you a generous income from several stable and local clients.

Of all the sites that offer freelance writing postings and information, online work from home forums often offer the best information and availability of jobs. User-friendly online forums contain a network of home-based employees and contractors from all over the world. They share their experiences, good and bad, on these popular forums. Some forums require a potential user to sign up with a username in order to access the forum threads, while others welcome the input of unregistered guests. Users and non-users can post legitimate freelance writing jobs and websites, information on scams, and ways to maximise your earning potential.

It is important to apply to as many genuine sites as possible in order to make good money from freelance writing. Most full-time and part-time freelance writers juggle between three to seven different content submission sites and private clients. Every company goes through dry spells at times. Having several “eggs” in the basket ensures that you will always have steady work opportunities and articles to grab, even when there are no available projects at other companies.

When applying to freelance writing sites, it is always important to send an updated copy of your resume’, highlighting any important and relevant information. In addition to a resume’, companies may ask you to submit a sample of your writing; sometimes you get to choose the topic and other times it is chosen for you. They do this to gauge your writing style, determine if you are a good match for the company, and place you within a writing category in the system. If you have any other published works online, be sure to copy and paste links to your work in the appropriate boxes during the application process.

Varying your portfolio of eggs is another great way to maximise earnings and shake the boredom that is commonly associated with freelance writing. Having a well-established portfolio of private clients, revenue sharing websites, content generating sites, and data entry projects can help to keep boredom at bay and will break up the monotony commonly associated with a long day of writing.

Freelance writers have the freedom to work for as long as they choose and create their own schedule each week. They can choose to write about virtually any topic of interest of expertise and earn a very generous yearly wage in exchange for their time and writing capabilities. A varied portfolio of clients and websites will ensure consistent work and allow you to be home for your family every day. You can avoid the costs that are commonly associated with working from home. Daycare costs, wardrobe costs, and fuel expenses are avoided or greatly reduced by making money from home as a freelance writer. In most cases, you are also your own boss; this means you have the ultimate control over what you write about, how you choose to write it, and how much money you can make.

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