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by WorkFromHome on May 10, 2011

Love to write? The Internet has made it easier than ever before for great writers to turn their talents into steady income working from home by writing articles and blog posts. If you enjoy writing on a wide variety of different topics and have excellent grammar and spelling, then your potential income is limited only by the number of articles that you write each day, week or month for the many businesses, websites and blogs that need a constant stream of updated content but do not have the time or writing skills to generate it for themselves.

Getting Started As A Freelance Writer

The difference between being a freelance writer and a professional freelance writer is finding clients who will actually pay you for your hard work. Although you can respond to job listings on free websites located across the internet, it is likely more efficient for you to pay to join at least one freelancing website. These websites specialize in brokering deals between freelance writers, such as yourself, and clients. As a result, you can be assured that you will be paid for your work while having a forum in which to advertise your services to a wide pool of potential clients.

Be The Best Freelance Writer

Of course, these potential clients have signed onto the freelancing website because there are a number of freelance writers offering their services. This means that you will need to provide proof that you are, in fact, the very best of the freelance writers available. Start by posting a resume that highlights your qualifications. These should include any educational degrees that you have earned, particularly if they are in English or writing, as well as other qualifications. If you have been published anywhere, particularly if it has been somewhere of note, then you should highlight that as well.

You can show your potential clients exactly how great your writing is by posting several sample articles that show off your impeccable grammar and stellar writing style. Try to showcase your ability to write for different niches, such as travel writing, medical articles, legal articles and other areas. Although it may seem like a lot of extra work, posting sample blog posts, newsletter articles and magazine articles are all great ways to show how versatile you are as a freelance writer to clients who may be looking to fill a wide variety of different writing needs.

Most freelance writing sites allow clients to post feedback publicly on a freelance writer’s profile, which means that an endorsement from a former client can be a great advertisement for the future while a negative rating can permanently impede your ability to earn an income. Keep your clients happy by being responsive to their e-mails and comments and proactive when you have questions or if you find that you need more time than you had originally agreed to. Missing a deadline is never ideal, but if you know that you will need more time to complete a project, then it is imperative that you notify the client, who is likely waiting to use your article or blog post for a specific purpose, as soon as possible.

Make More Money

Working as a freelance writer means that you can earn an unlimited amount of money, but it also means that the amount of money that you will make can vary from week to week and month to month depending upon the demand for your work. Of course, you can increase the amount of income that you contribute to your family’s income by spending more time on your freelance writing. You also can try to earn more money by raising the amount of money that you charge per article or blog post. Be careful about how high you raise your rates, as, unless a client is attached to your specific writing style or you have specialized knowledge such as that of the medical or legal professional, he or she may simply opt to use a less expensive writer instead of you.

Growing Your Client List

Just like you want to be listed on freelance websites that have an established reputation as legitimate businesses with a track record for success, your clients also want to hire freelance writers who are an established track record for success. The best way to show that you are an experienced and successful freelance writer is to provide your clients with a venue to provide feedback on your writing. A website is a terrific way to show off the best of the many accolades that your writing receives, as well as an excellent place to house sample articles that highlight your many skills.

Understand Article Marketing

Even if you are simply the one writing the article, understanding article marketing can be a great help to you as you work toward growing your career as a freelance writer. Often, those purchasing your work will be doing so to submit them to directories and blogs that will pay them per click through advertising. Of course, you can also write articles and submit them to these websites yourself for payment per click instead of receiving an upfront payment from a client.

The basic principle of article marketing that you should always keep in mind, regardless of whether it is you or a client that will be submitting your article or blog post to an ezine or directory, is that when a reader is searching the Internet, it is for information, not for advertising. This means that your writing should always impart useful and valuable information, not just a serious of buzzwords and keywords strung together into sentences. If your content is great, then readers will forward it to others, which will generate more clicks. More clicks, of course, means more payment to you, if you are the one who submitted it. If it was your client that purchased the article from you and then submitted it, then an article that garners a high number of clicks will mean future orders from that client.

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