Make Money from Home with Online Surveys

by WorkFromHome on July 28, 2011

Online surveys are an incredibly easy and popular way to begin earning money from home. Commonly known as a transitional online job, they are a great way to begin earning good money from home, with little effort. No specialised skills are required to begin making money from home with online surveys. Getting started is easy; simply apply to legitimate online survey sites, submit your background and demographical information, and you can begin receiving regular survey invitations right away.

Whether you are looking to earn full-time income from surveys to support your family, or are simply looking to earn a little bit of supplemental income, here are some important facts to consider when getting started.

  1. Apply to as many legitimate survey companies as possible and never pay a survey company, no matter how legitimate they appear. Legitimate survey companies are desperate to pay you in exchange for your honest opinion, not the other way around. Many online survey companies link with various retailers and online merchants. Belonging to many online survey companies maximises the opportunities to receive paid survey invitations.
  2. Provide as much information as possible, when signing up for a new survey company. These companies send out survey invitations based on user profiles and the information contained within. It is important to fill out these initial surveys completely and efficiently. Do not lie in an attempt to gain more survey opportunities. If you do not smoke, do not check that you do. Often, companies are looking for non-smokers. If you fill in that you enjoy hobbies that you do not, or say that you live a lifestyle you do not, you set yourself up to receive survey invitations about things you have no interest in. It will be dreadful trying to get through a survey on pet food, if you do not own a pet. Stick to providing honest information, and you will enjoy each and every survey invitation you will receive.
  3. Designate a separate email account for your online survey business, no matter how big or small your business is. You will receive many survey invitations and spam emails as a result of taking online surveys. If these emails get mixed in with everyday emails, appointments, and other messages, they can easily be overlooked and it can be frustrating to sort through all of that mail in search of survey invitations.
  4. Once you’ve set up the account, check it often. Survey invitations can pop up at any time. If your email carrier offers a pop-up alert system or can send you text messages when you receive new emails, sign up for that service. Invitations often fill up quickly. Responding and completing surveys quickly not only puts more money in your pocket, but also increases the chances of receiving more invitations in the future. Survey companies reward their most loyal and reliable survey takers with more frequent opportunities. Clean out your email several times a day to catch and delete spam emails, and jump on any potential new survey opportunities.
  5. Keep a simple spreadsheet on the computer, or use paper and pen to organise your business and keep track of your earnings. As you complete each survey, you can quickly jot down the date, time, name of survey, and company it was submitted to. Check your lists frequently to determine whether or not you have received credit and been paid for submitted surveys. If two weeks or more has gone by and you still have not received credit for a submission, you can email the survey company and inquire further. Keeping accurate records will ensure that you are always paid in a timely fashion for your completed work and eliminate any guesswork or stress.
  6. A legitimate survey business can take some time to implement. Survey invitations can be slow, at first. If a survey company offers you the opportunity to take a “pre-screened” un-paid survey, you should jump on it. In many cases, a survey company is gauging your level of professionalism and interest by sending out these types of invitations. Most of these surveys gather more of your personal information and can often result in many high-paying survey invitations down the road.

Making money from home by taking online surveys is incredibly rewarding. You get to earn good money in exchange for your time and are also able to provide market research companies with invaluable feedback, opinions, and information on their products and services. Online surveys are incredibly fun and non-stressful.

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