Make Money Online By Taking An Offline Product And Marketing It Online

by WorkFromHome on September 10, 2011

Have you found a product in your local area which you absolutely love? Perhaps it is a hand crafted item, or a gadget that is manufactured locally. Maybe it is a simple service that can be performed locally and shipped anywhere in the world. Have you encountered such a product? Chances are the answer is yes.

While the Internet is filled with many products and services, it is still has room to grow. Everyday new products or services are posted on the Internet that has never been seen before. These items are perfect for a home based business, because they are new and easily marketed on the web.

Where Do You Begin

The first thing that you must do is contact the person or business that creates the product. Ask if they have a sales position or if they are interested in creating one. Many small start-up companies desire to have a presence on the Internet, but do not believe that they can afford one. Inform the company that you are not looking for a paid position from them, just the ability to promote their product. This will increase the chances for them to say yes.

Make a deal with the company for a standard price for the item(s). If at all possible, determine bulk pricing for these items so that you can increase your profits once your marketing campaign begins to produce results. You should also confirm with the company the amount of time necessary to produce the product and deliver finished goods to you.

Once you have established a working relationship with the merchandise provider, your next step is to establish a presence on the Internet.

Creating An Internet Presence

You will need to secure a domain name for your business. You want to select a name for your company that is easy to remember. Try to find a name that is similar to your product, but do not use the product name itself, this would be copyright infringement. Once you have established your company name, you can advertise that your site is the only one on the Internet that carries “xx” product. You can now insert the name of the actual product without infringing on copyright laws.

When you have created your website, including pictures and product descriptions, you will need to begin marketing the product aggressively. This can be done through many methods such as:

  • Article marketing
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Blogging
  • Social networking
  • Banner placement
  • Auction selling

As you develop your presence on the Internet through these means, you will watch your sales significantly increase.

Things To Remember

When you make money from home in this manner, you should have a home office established. This will provide you a way to work from home without all the disturbances that occur around the home. Having an office space dedicated only to your business will give you a way to act professional in a home setting.

One reason that many people do not succeed as they wish at a home based business is because their home life becomes intertwined with their business. When you work within your living quarters, it is easy to become distracted with chores and other events, instead of working on your business.

Another thing that you must remember when you are establishing a business of this type is to factor in shipping. Not only will you be required to package these items properly for shipment, you must also charge the right amount for that shipping. You should establish a relationship with a package carrier as soon as possible. A representative from their company can help you locate discounted packing supplies, and establish a cost table for your item based on size and shipping materials. You do not want to overcharge for your shipping, it will cost you customers. However, you do not want to undercharge for shipping, because that will cut into your profits.

A final thing to remember is that this will take time. It is a very rare item or service that goes viral and becomes an overnight success. It will take time to establish a desire for your product on the Internet. There are 7 billion people on the planet, and they cannot all be introduced to your product in one day. Keep this in mind, and never give up. It will take a couple of months to start seeing results from your efforts. However, as the results start showing, you will see it was all worth the effort.

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