Make Money Online from Home with E-books

by WorkFromHome on November 12, 2011

The internet has changed the way the world does just about anything. From how we do our shopping, to how we listen to music and to how we get our news. One of the latest changes is the jump in sales of e-book readers and e-books. The e-book is an electronic version of what people formerly bought in paper form – only now we can have hundreds of book titles in our hand all at once with a small reading device. E-book readers aren’t even necessary, as books can be read on laptops, computers and tablets as well.

So what does this mean for you and your need to make some extra spending money? The publishing industry is in need of people who can use their skills to support it. Whether you’re interested in writing, graphics, or editing, you too can earn money from home while working in on-line in publishing.

  • Writing
    It goes without saying, that the opportunity to get your book out to readers without having to wait years to find first an agent and then a publisher, is a huge opportunity for writers. If you have short stories, novellas or whole novels languishing in a drawer because you’ve given up hope in finding someone to publish your work, now you have the ability to get the work out yourself online. The words “self-published” have lost their negative connotations and if the writing is good, you can find people who will want to pay a couple of bucks to read it.

    A few dollars is not a lot of money, but if you get several hundred sales, and you keep in mind that with self-publishing you get to keep a large percentage of the price, this can add up to some nice extra income. And the more stories or novels you have out on the market, the more potential sales you have.

  • Editing
    Not everyone can easily edit the words they’ve put down on the page. It is hard to spot the grammar and spelling problems when you have written every word. If, however, you’re good at spotting the problems in other people’s writing, then you may just have what it takes to be a freelance editor for the self-publishers out there. Good editors can make $300 to $500 in a couple of days by editing other people’s manuscripts. This is all done online and money can change hands through an online banking service. Get paid for reading!
  • Book Covers
    E-books sell best when they have attractive artwork for their “covers”. The old adage is that you can’t tell a book by its cover but it is also true that a good cover can sell a book. And not all writers are artists. If you have any talent in creating artwork on the computer, then you can create book covers for writers who want to self-publish their novels. Earn up to $500 with a few days work in creating a cover that works with the author’s description of their story or novel. You don’t even need to read the entire manuscript to be able to create a good look to sell the story.
  • Formatting
    There are several different ways for writers to sell their stories as e-books, and each one has different requirements for formatting the text for their e-book readers and website sales. Not all writers have time to figure out the multiple aspects of formatting, especially if they hope to publish their work at multiple sites. Writers will pay others to do this for them though, and you can reap the benefits. You can get paid a couple of hundred dollars to do text formatting for writers. Not difficult work, but a genuine benefit for those who need the help.

There are multiple websites and writers’ forums where you can place an advertisement for your services as an editor, book cover designer, or formatter. If you have skills in all of these areas you can create a big market for yourself as someone who can help make a self-publisher’s dreams come true.

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