Make Money Writing From Home Without Having A Technical Background

by WorkFromHome on June 5, 2011

If you do not have a Ph.D. in physics, engineering or computer science, then you may be feeling a little discouraged in your search for freelance writing jobs that pay well, but do not require you to spout technical jargon. The good news is that there are a number of areas that need great writers, but do not need you to be able to use a lot of high tech key terms in your writing. Read on for the non-technical areas that offer you the most potential as a freelance writer!

Help Job Hunters With Resumes And Cover Letters

This is a really great niche to become proficient in, since people are always entering the workforce and, once employed, looking to change jobs. Today, however, the economic climate is such that there is a large number of unemployed workers who need your assistance to create resumes and cover letters that will help them to land interviews and job offers.

You can start your career path in this lucrative field by getting up to speed on the current resume and cover letter formats that human resources professionals are looking for from their applicants. There are a number of great books with samples of both for a wide number of industries. Purchase one or two to hold onto as references. Make sure that your grammar and spelling skills are also perfect, since an error in either will disqualify an applicant from a job application. The best recommendation that you can get as a resume and cover letter writer is to have your client be asked to an interview, so do everything possible to avoid a rejection!

Although you will have a great deal of impact on hundreds or even thousands of workers’ lives as they go for their dream jobs, you can do this job from the comfort of home. Once you establish a reputation as an excellent resume and cover letter writer, you can look forward to repeat business as your clients move through their careers and recommendations as they forward their friends and acquaintances to you.

Write The Rules For Video And Board Games

Video and board games are a huge industry, and each and every game comes with its own set of increasingly complex rules. Each game has a rule book that must contain not only how to play the game, but must also be written in easy to understand language that players can digest and use to enjoy the game.

Remember, the rules that you write for a video game or board game must be easily understood by someone who has only a minimal education level, which makes being able to write in simple terms a key success factor for this niche specialty. You also must remember to include all possible scenarios that the game company has identified as critical to the instructions.

If you can write concise and clear game rules that help players to understand what will lead to one player winning the game and another player, or players, losing the game, then you may be able to turn this into a lucrative career. This could be a career that you pursue as a freelance writer, working from home, or as a full time employee, working for a game company.

Fund Non-Profit Organizations With Grant Proposals

Non-profit organizations are run with a combination of program revenue that they charge and grants that they are given by other individuals and organizations. Due to the nature of their clients and services, the bulk of their funding is from grants, which makes obtaining this money vitally important to their continued existence.

There are a great many non-profit organizations, which means that they all must submit grant proposals to any organization or individual offering significant amounts of grant money. A grant proposal details what a non-profit organization plans to do with the funding, such as open up a new wing of a hospital by a certain date, provide a certain number of meals to the homeless in a given time period or fund a new after school program for low income youth.

Generally, the grant making organization or individual, which is giving away the money, details the requirements for the proposal in a RFP (request for proposal), which means that you simply need to liaise with the non-profit organization to gather the information needed to follow the directions given. Submitting the required documentation is a satisfying job that you can do from the comfort of home, on a schedule that works for you, while helping a deserving organization to get the funding that it needs to provide services to those who need them the most. Knowing that you are helping others, may be even more satisfying than the paycheque you will receive!

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