Make Working From Home Fun

by WorkFromHome on April 29, 2011

Are you making your living by working from home? You already know that working from home can be lucrative, thanks to the Internet, but it also can be hard to stay focused when you are facing long hours in front of your computer. Having fun while working from home is key to remaining productive and successful as you pursue your career while working from your home. Read on for some great ways to liven up your work day and keep yourself from getting stale.

Set Yourself Up For Success

You may have left the corporate office behind, but when you work from home you should still give yourself a great workspace. Upgrade yourself from the boring gray cubicle that you escaped from and take advantage of being able to decorate your home office any way you want. You could make your home office a standard one, featuring a desk, chair and filing cabinets, but why not add in a few extra creature comforts to make your work days more pleasant?

Make your office into one worthy of the most important CEO, complete with ergonomic Herman Miller chair, gleaming hardwood desk and credenza and even a comfortable love seat or sofa for when you need a change of scenery from your computer. Need something that feeds your more creative side? Then enjoy a more colourful decorating scheme with prints and posters that fit your style, funky office accessories and furniture. Mine your favourite antique and vintage thrift stores for office furniture or go ultra sleek and modern.

Put The Home Back In Home Office

One of the best parts of working from home is that your home office is, in fact, in your home. This means that you can bring the best parts of your home into your workspace. Have a young child or two? Then enjoy watching them grow by building in a playpen or crib into your home office’s design. Adding in a space for your role as a mother or father means that you can work without stressing about the time that you are missing with your children.

One of the advantages of having left the corporate office is that you can decorate your home office as you see fit, without worrying about how others will perceive it. This means that you can hang up all the family photos of your children that you want, without worrying about whether your boss or colleagues will think that you are not serious about your job. Have fun while decorating your home office by having your children’s school and family pictures professionally framed. You can even have favourite shots blown up to poster size to remind you of who you are working to support every day.

Take A Break

Although you could do your work for several hours without a break, you will enjoy your job much more if you take breaks throughout the day. Regardless of whether you own your own business or if you are an employee working from home for someone else, you can still structure your day to include breaks. Instead of playing computer games for fifteen minutes, which would keep you at your desk, get up and do something else.

You may enjoy purchasing an old arcade game, like a ski ball machine or pin ball machine, which will allow you to stand up and focus on something besides work for a few minutes. A home billiards table is also a great option, since you can enjoy it while you take breaks from work and when you have friends over outside of your work day.

Not a fan of whirling lights or games? Then try out a treadmill or another exercise machine. Working out for a few minutes while reading or watching television can help to get your blood moving, help you to work out a thorny creative or analytical problem subconsciously and, best of all, make your work day much more enjoyable and seem much shorter. Find a machine or set of machines that are quiet enough and you may even be able to work out while on conference calls that you would otherwise be squirming while trying to sit through in your desk chair.

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