Marketing Tools That Make Your Life Easier & Generate More Income

by WorkFromHome on September 28, 2011

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. There is very little money that needs to be invested into this type of venture, with time being the biggest investment needed to be successful. However, there are many affiliate marketing tools that are available, right from the affiliates for free, that can help you create more income while reducing the time needed to be successful.

Affiliate marketing is the process of taking a product or service that belongs to another company and promoting it to receive a commission. Commissions may be paid for leads, visits or purchases that are made through your link. As an affiliate marketer you have the ability to promote the product as aggressively as you desire. The more aggressive you are, the more money you will make.

With that thought in mind, a successful affiliate marketer will ask how they can be very aggressive, without working themselves to death. The answer is simple: Use the tools that affiliate marketing sites provide for free to your advantage.

  1. Landing pages or Splash pages – Some of the affiliates will offer a landing or splash page that is connected to your affiliate identification. These pages are fully functional informational websites that are designed to provide potential customers all the information needed to make a sale. These sites encourage visitors to enter their e-mail address, and most have auto responders attached to them that will follow up the visit. This type of opportunity should not be passed over. The companies have dedicated a lot of time and money to create these professional pages. They know what draws customers; they just need help getting the word out. If the product you are promoting offers a landing page seize the opportunity. This will not prevent you from marketing the product in any other fashion; it will just increase your visibility.
  2. Training Programs – Many of the larger affiliate programs have free marketing classes or other educational tools that you should take advantage of regularly. The Internet is always changing and it is imperative for you to stay on top of marketing trends and tools. Regardless of how well versed you believe you are in Internet marketing, you will always find useful and new tools to use in these educational classes. Most classes are just a few minutes long. They are either a posting or a video clip.
  3. Marketing Materials – Most affiliates will offer several types of marketing materials once you have been accepted into their program. Use as many of these tools as possible. You may wish to use different links for different purposes. Perhaps banner ads work better in one place and text ads in another. You must use these free, professionally designed tools to your advantage. While many people find that they desire to create their own ads, think of what the reduction in time used in this area of your marketing will equal to if used for marketing itself.
  4. Statistics – Most affiliate programs offer dashboards for you to track your programs. However, many of these sites report that these free statistic generating tools are often overlooked. The truth is, affiliate marketing without statistics is a waste of your time. While you may be lucky in some aspects, it is more believable that you will fail on your endeavour because you are dedicating time to methods that are not generating enough revenue. When you earn money online, you must know where your success is coming from. If you see that one type of marketing strategy is generating the most revenue, it is easy to assume that you will devote more time and effort to that type of marketing. However, if you do not know what is working best, how will you know which method works and what is a waste of time? Always take advantage of the statistic tools offered by the affiliate program.

These tools are all free, and all worth the effort to use. The most successful affiliate marketer will find that they do not have to pay for their success; they just need to know how to use the free resources effectively.

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