Marketing With Articles – What Makes A Good Article

by WorkFromHome on July 29, 2011

Most people who earn money online through affiliate marketing understand that article marketing is the best way to drive traffic to your site or links. Writing an article seems fairly simple, and in a way it is easy, but writing a good article is what matters more than ease. If your article does not keep the readers interested, they will move on to another article.

So what does it take to write a good article? Here are five very important tips on article marketing that you cannot overlook.

  1. Use Of Proper Grammar and Spelling. If your articles are filled with poor sentences, typos and slang, you can guarantee that they will be overlooked. People go to the Internet for quick information that is relevant to their need. If they see an article that is poorly constructed you will have lost their attention because you will not look like a credible source of information. Always take the time to use spell and grammar check on your word processing software.
  2. Be In Control Of The Subject. When you are writing about any product or subject matter, you must give the impression that you are the authority of that subject. You must make the reader believe that you not only understand this product or service completely, but you have implemented any suggestions you have made in the article with success.
  3. Use Subheadings. This again relates to the time factor. People want information and they want it fast. Most people will skim an article before ever reading it in its entirety. By using subheadings, you create key focal points for the reader, who will in turn read the complete article.
  4. Keep On Target. The content of your article must be relevant to the title of the article and the product being promoted. If you begin to write about a different subject matter, or digress to far from the original point of the article, you will lose your reader.
  5. Invoke Emotion. You must create an emotional response in your reader. People that feel connected to the article will follow the link. Emotions are the leading force of sales on and off line. You must stir something in the persons psyche so that they feel inclined to use your product or service.

These are the five most important things to do when writing an article for product promotion.

Dealing With Writers Block

One of the hardest things about writing a good article is the occasional writers block. You know that you need to follow a certain format to generate good articles and many sales, yet the words just do not seem to appear on the screen. What do you do? Time is money, and every minute you suffer from writers block, you take a loss in your income.

The first thing that you should do when you have writers block is get up and move away from your computer. Some people say that you can simply go to another website and shop or socialize, but these methods are not as effective as simply getting up from the computer. Brain block is often a way of your body telling you that it is time for some fresh air and sunshine. It is also a sign that you may have put in too many hours that day. Give yourself a break and do something else for a while, the ideas will return.

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