Maximizing Your Blogging Productivity With Grand Strategy

by WorkFromHome on June 30, 2011

When you work from home, it can be easily to lose track of what’s really important. For people looking to make money online blogging, it’s especially easy to lose focus and see a huge drop in productivity because of how casual the process of blogging can seem. Unfortunately, the casual attitude that a lot of bloggers tend to develop leads to doing less and less actual work that improves the profitability of the blog. If you’re a blogger and you’ve noticed that your productivity slips on a regular basis, then you might need to undergo a change in focus.

Identifying What Slows You Down

Increasing productivity when blogging is about removing problems and increasing efficiency. By definition, productivity is measured by how much of a desired result is achieved within a unit of time. For most people who make money online with blogging, there is a lot of time spent that doesn’t help to achieve any desired result. This wasted time slows you down and kills your productivity. Wasted time can be minimised with effective planning and a clear strategy for making money with the blog.

The Grand Strategy of Blogging

The idea of grand strategy is attributed to Alexander the Great. While he might have used it to conquer most of the known world, you can use it to conquer the blogging world. Grand strategy involves keeping your focus on the ultimate goal while avoiding everything that doesn’t advance you toward your goals. It can be used to figure out what’s really important when you work from home, since there are tons of distractions that can pull you away from getting things done. As a blogger who wants to make money from home, there are three parts to your grand strategy of blogging.

Part One: Writing Quality Content

Writing high-quality content for your blog will always help you to advance in the right direction. Even if you aren’t writing for your blog, you can write content related to your industry for submission to article directories. A successful blog will need a steady stream of content, and so if you can’t write every day, then you should build up a queue of blog posts to draw from so that your blog is updated on a regular basis.

Part Two: Building Relationships With People in Your Industry

To be successful with a blog, you need exposure to build a reader base. One of the best ways to build this exposure is to build relationships with people in your industry. This can be done in the comments of other blogs in your industry, or on Internet message boards and forums. When you’re building these relationships, it might feel like you aren’t getting anything done immediately, but you have to focus on your ultimate objective to see why cultivating these relationships is so important. In the long run, these relationships will provide you with a lot of traffic to your blog, which is a huge contributing factor to making lots of money.

Part Three: Search Engine Optimisation and Link Building

All else being equal, the more traffic you have, the more money you will make with your blog. One of your main sources of traffic for your blog will be search engines, but to perform well in the search engines, you have to do lots of search engine optimisation and link building. If you take the time to maximize the effectiveness of your link building efforts by getting high-quality backlinks, then any time you spend building links and working on other aspects of search engine optimisation will be well worth it.

Eliminating Wasted Time and Letting Go of Bad Habits

If you aren’t doing one of the three things above, then you most likely aren’t advancing toward your goals as a blogger. If you use the mindset of grand strategy, then you can eliminate wasted time and boost your productivity with confidence.

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