Organise Tag or Estate Sales From Home

by WorkFromHome on July 13, 2011

Working from home does not always necessarily mean that you must work on the Internet. While having an Internet presence is almost mandatory for any offline business, you can still effectively work from home without being online all day. The trick is to find a niche in your local area that needs to be filled. Once you have discovered this niche, you need to create a business plan and begin to market your product or service.

One great business idea that is often overlooked as a home based business is a Tag Sale or Estate Sale Organiser. While this may not seem like a “hot” idea at first, you will be amazed at the profits that can be made from this type of business if approached right.

How To Begin

The first thing you will want to do is establish a name for your business and apply for all the proper licensing and insurance needed to operate a business. Besides the legal ramifications of illegally operating a business, you will receive a much better response from potential clients if you can present yourself as fully legal.

You will need to print business cards and a menu of services to present to your clients. These items can also be used as advertisements and at networking events.

Create a website about your business, even if it is a simple landing page where people can see what you offer and learn how to contact you. Make sure you list your site on your business cards and brochures. Establish an email address that will allow clients to contact you directly from the site.

What Services To Offer

Many people do not have the time to clean out their garages and cupboards of years worth of accumulated belongings. Most wish to sell off these products or donate them to charity, but few find the time to do so. You can come in, organise a sale and deliver any goods that did not sell to a local charity. You will take care of all the cleaning, pricing and packing of the items. Your fee will be a percentage of the sale and a fee for transport of the remaining items.

This service is especially good for estate sales. Bereaved families facing a house full of memories and the loss of a loved one at the same time do not wish to “deal” with the thought of removing these items from the house. You can come in and offer the same services as listed above, only on a full house scale.

A Percentage Does Not Sound Like Much Income

Taking a percentage of the sale does not sound like much income, at first. The truth is, you will generate a good days wages performing these tasks if you know how to price what you find. While it may sound simple to sell everything very cheap so that it moves and there is less to haul away, this will also affect your income. Knowing what items are valued at will improve your pricing skills and income.

If you have mobile access to the Internet you can look up items that you are not sure about. For example an old vase that may look to be very valuable may only be worth a dollar or two. On the other hand an old smoking pipe with the right markings may be worth several hundreds. You will not get market value for these items, but you can get close. Remember that people attending these sales usually do so for resale purposes, so they will not pay the full value, there is no profit in it for them. However, they will pay a reasonable amount for these items because they know the worth.

If you come across very valuable items you can place them up for auction on the Internet, charging the customer the listing fee, and auction payment above your percentage of the sale. These customers will understand that you are generating more income for them by selling this particular item this way and will be most agreeable.

Another benefit to this type of service is the ability to be privy to these sales before anyone else. This way, if there is an item that you desire, you have the first chance to make the purchase. However, it is important to remain honest in this manner. If the item would sell to the public for ten, sell it to yourself for the same amount. This gives you credibility with the customer and word will quickly spread about your integrity. And remember, that amount will be included in the total sale and you will receive a percentage back.

Where To Find Business

This is the type of business that will require you to network. People do not look for this type of service on their own, however they utilize this type of service when they know it exists. Online and offline social networking is your best source for advertising. Do not overlook solicitors offices that handle wills and estates, funeral centres and retirement homes. Many people that move into retirement centres wish to clean out their old homes through a tag sale but are too frail to do so themselves. Always be open to the opportunities and they will appear.

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