Outsource Your Workload to a Work From Home Mum

by WorkFromHome on May 9, 2011

Any successful business owner understands that one of the best ways to maximize profits is to hire people to handle various aspects of the business. Some business-related tasks are mundane, tedious, labour-intensive, difficult, and trade-specific. These tasks can damper the profits of an otherwise successful business. A great way to maintain consistent profit margins is to hire individuals to handle these various business tasks. Some of the most dependable, reliable, and efficient people to hire are work at home mums, otherwise known as WAHMs.

Work from home mums specialize in a variety of trades and fields and provide services from the comfort of their own home office. Hiring a seasoned professional to come in and assess the needs of a business and perform the services can be very costly. By hiring a work from home mum, you can significantly reduce the overall costs of the job or service. The work is completed via e-mail, phone, and can even be handled remotely, via online conference, remote sessions, or chat forums. The completed projects are submitted to you in a timely manner, and you can then pay the work from home mum in the agreed-upon manner.

Most work from home mums earn a good wage by providing their services to several clients. The best WAHMs often receive a steady stream of projects from trusted business owners, which allows them to stay at home with their children, while earning a favourable wage.

You could hire a WAHM for virtually any aspect of your business. WAHMs are happy to provide a list of references of past clients, a professional resume’, and detailed cover letter outlining their education, expertise, and work history, as it pertains to your business needs. Work from home mums can assist with any of the following business service needs:

Virtual Assistant Services: Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular. Virtual assistants can handle the day-to-day operations on your behalf. They can answer phone calls, produce marketing materials, create spreadsheets, handle customer or client e-mail correspondence, and even handle the accounting and finances for business owners. A virtual assistant can act as the face of your business and handle a multitude of tasks. This allows you to focus on the core of your business and secure more clients and customers, while simultaneously insuring that the day-to-day operations are handled efficiently.

Transcriptionists: WAHM transcriptionists typically have professional software and a foot pedal, allowing them to quickly and efficiently transcribe audio files and documents into hard copies on your behalf. These transcriptionists work very quickly to meet deadlines and are great for doctors, lawyers, and business professionals who frequently attend trade shows and seminars that contain a lot of information. Take along a tape recorder, and pass the work onto a WAHM transcriptionist to convert the audio file into an attractive and easy-to-read document for future reference. Some WAHM transcriptionists are proficient in multiple languages and can convert audio to text or text to audio in another language, which can be vital when you are working with an international client.

Technical WAHMs: These women have various specialties ranging from web design, html coding, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising skills, computer troubleshooting, and software program development and implementation.

Freelance Writers, Proofreaders, and Editors: Freelance writing mums can churn out well-written, grammatically-accurate copy on virtually any topic imaginable. These professional WAHMs can provide professional ad copy, press releases, copywriting, or editorial reviews on your company’s behalf. Professional marketing companies and advertisement managers can be extremely costly. A professional WAHM can provide services of comparable quality for a fraction of the price.

Organizational WAHMs: Do you have poor organizational skills? Are unfiled and misplaced e-mails and documents getting in the way of running your business? Professional organization and cleaning companies charge a hefty hourly rate to overhaul an office space. An organizational WAHM can complete the job in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the price. Necessary documents and files can be sent to the WAHM, where she can then convert the files into labelled folders and organize the data alphabetically, or add it to a spreadsheet. Time is money in business, and if you spend too much time missing deadlines and trying to locate missing files, you are losing money, and possibly clients. Hiring a WAHM to organize important files on a regular basis can save a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration.

Outsourcing some of your work to a work from home mum is one of the most strategic ways to alleviate business-related stresses. Reputable WAHMs can be found on online job forums, on sites that cater to home-based workers, and even within your community. Always ask for references and a resume’ to determine if a WAHM is qualified to perform the tasks and responsible enough to complete them by the allotted deadline.

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