Qualities that Will Help You Get Data Entry Jobs

by WorkFromHome on March 29, 2011

The demand for data entry has grown just as much as the use of computers over the last few decades. Step back and realize that every bit of text that you see on your computer screen had to be typed in by someone at some time, and you’ll begin to understand the enormity of the need for data entry.

Global Need for Data Entry

The 21st century is full of data straining to be put online, and it seems there can never be enough people to do that job. If you have the qualities that are necessary for performing this work, then you are the perfect candidate for a data entry job, whether it be at a workstation on-site at a company or off-site at your own computer at home. Though everyone may think they are capable of the demands of a data entry job, only a few have the qualities necessary.

Job-Related Qualities

The first three qualities are related to the operational aspects of the job:

  • You must be proficient in all aspects of the software used for data entry and related tasks, including email and simple telecommunications. Specialised courses exist for learning any software.
  • You must be also able to type very quickly — you are not allowed to hunt-and-peck on the keyboard. This requirements can be met via training, either at home or school — touch typing is taught everywhere.
  • You must be able to process information easily, from input to output. You must be able to take in detail and create an exact copy. Most of this quality will come from continued practice.

Personal Qualities

The next set of qualities, however, is intrinsic to your personality. Though training may hone these qualities, if you do not have them in the first place, then the job of data entry will be very difficult for you.

  • You must have the ability to focus. If distractions pull you away from a task you’ve begun and prevent you from completing the task, then data entry is not the job for you. You must be able to concentrate on the work to be done and not be pulled off-task by anything.
  • You must be comfortable with a task that is repetitive. If the work you prefer is the type that keeps changing all the time, then data entry is not the job for you. Data entry requires doing the same task over and over with no mistakes. Some people have personalities suited for this type of work, while others do not.
  • You must be able to communicate well. This does not mean that you have to have the gift of gab — rather, it means you can talk, listen and respond, which is the very essence of communication. You must understand all instructions given to you, and let the person giving you the instructions know that you do understand. Also, written communication skills must be of high quality — grammar, spelling and word usage must be perfect.
  • You must be able to work over a long timeframe. This does not mean you must work for hour upon hour without rest. What it does mean is that you must be able to plan your work so that it is both accurate and completed within the deadline.

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