Sabotaging Your Online Success – 6 Things To Avoid

by WorkFromHome on August 13, 2011

When you decided that you wanted to start an online business to work at home, you did so with the best intention make money. Perhaps you wanted to have more time at home with your family. Maybe you hated the two hour commute each day to work. More than likely it was because you were inspired to own your own business.

However, you have been into this venture for over 6 months and you are not seeing the results you anticipated. You are questioning your every move, rethinking the whole business, possibly sending out your CV for an office job. What many online business owners do not realize is that there are 7 things that they may be doing unknowingly that is sabotaging their efforts. A quick review of the list will allow you to see if you see yourself in any of these situations. If you do, they are easily corrected and you can return to your path of success.

  1. Information Paralysis. While the old saying “knowledge is power” is true, it can also stop you in your tracks. When you work on the Internet there is always a barrage of information being sent to you, telling you that you need to do something new, review a statistic, or some other “important task.” You often stop dead in your tracks and comply. You have left the task you previously were doing behind and you begin another. By the end of the day nothing is accomplished and you are in information overload. Read what you must and complete your tasks before going on to a new project.
  2. Procrastination. Yes, you are your own boss. Yes, you can start work at whatever time of day you desire. Yes, you can skip an entire day if you want, but the results of these actions will show on your bottom line. The Internet is ever-changing. Putting off something today could lead to loss of sales because tomorrow there is a whole new trend.
  3. Decision Confusion. When you are required to make important decisions about your business you do not have time to consider and reconsider the situation. You must act, or risk failure.
  4. Failing to follow thru on leads or projects. If you begin a project you should not abandon it unless it is harmful to yourself or your business. You need to complete your tasks so that you can reap the rewards. The same is true about potential clients. If someone has shown interest in your product or service, don’t let that information lay around until you get around to doing something. Follow-up, and follow thru – Always.
  5. Using research as an excuse. While it is very true, and professional to research an endeavour prior to committing to it, many entrepreneurs become so engrossed in the research they forget to take any action. Other business owners use research as an excuse not to take any action. Always review your research to see if it is productive.
  6. Inconsistency. If you want to be successful you must make an effort to make an effort. You cannot expect to be successful if you only commit an hour here or there to the project. You must wake up in the morning and begin your work day; otherwise you will find yourself heading back to the office.

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