Sell Products Online to Make Money While Working At Home

by WorkFromHome on November 5, 2011

One of the many ways a person can make money while working at home, is to sell products online. Sometimes the product can even be virtual, which saves on shipping and handling costs. Other times a person can open a store on a hosting website and sell handcrafted items or things that have been found at estate sales and antique markets. Here are three examples of online money making opportunities.

Microstock Photography

When individuals or small businesses need to have a photograph for a website or brochure or marketing campaign, it can be very expensive to hire a photographer or to go to a regular stock company. The solution is microstock. This is the name given to the low priced royalty free photo industry. A company can purchase a one-time use of a photographic image for a small fee. The photographer keeps the rights to his or her own images and gets a percentage of the sales fee. Some microstock sites also sell graphic arts images or video.

Because of the large volume handled by microstock companies, microstock agencies are regularly accepting submissions from photographers with images to sell. This has been a great way for amateur photographers to make some money on images they’ve had sitting around at home. The images, of course, need to be of high quality. They also cannot have logos or the artwork of others in the image. Pictures with people will need to have a signed release form allowing the photographer to have use of the person’s image.

Often times, the business needing photographs is looking for pictures with a theme. They are trying to find a photograph that projects the feeling or idea surrounding their project or product. For instance, the image of a man in a business suit looking at his watch, could be the perfect picture to illustrate a sales pitch for a business management system, business tools for busy managers, or even a men’s haberdashery.

The percentage the photographer gets out of the sale can seem small. But volume is the name of the game with microstock. The more pictures you have, the more opportunities for sales, and your income will rise. Learn how to sell photos online for extra income.

Craft Sales

Are you talented with arts and crafts and enjoy making things for other people to use and admire? Do you spend hours at the hobby store, looking for paints and papers and yarn?

There are online communities where you can set up a store to sell your craft items. The sales and money collecting are all handled through the hosting website, for a percentage of the sale price, so you don’t have to know how to set up your own website with a payment system. These communities can also help you with tips and tricks for best managing your home business.

The website will also walk through what the sales agreements mean and how best to box and ship your items to the buyer.

Bargain Hunting and Resale

People who enjoy shopping for deals can find many ways to sell their discovered treasures for much more than they paid. If you have talent in recognizing the value in other people’s discarded items, you can easily make money from home by selling these items through local or global websites that regularly host the sales of items.

Some sites specialize in products. So, if you enjoy hunting through used book stores for valuable books, you can find a site that specializes in book sales to discerning buyers. It is the same with vintage clothing and jewelry or dishware.

Don’t limit yourself to just one sales site. You’ll open up your inventory to many more buyers with multiple websites. You can also direct buyers to your products on these websites by letting people know about your items for sale through social media sites.

When brick and mortar stores are too expensive to build or rent, and working for another company or business does not interest you, it is possible to have a successful sales career online. With some research into the best sites for you and an inventory of your own skills and talents, selling products online can be your own small business as you earn money from home.

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