Setting up a Home Office to Work from Home

by WorkFromHome on April 5, 2011

Now that you’ve decided on what type of home business or businesses, you want to create so you can work from home, let’s have a look at what you need to set up your home office.

Work Environment

Having the proper work environment, a quiet place, without interruptions from children, spouse or friends is necessary. The people around you need to realize that if you are in your office you are working. It might even be helpful to make a sign for the office door to let them know when the door is shut they need to stay out. Have fun with it, write “Genius at Work!”

Besides having a proper place to work, you are going to need to set yourself a work schedule and be disciplined enough to keep it. Working from home gives you a lot of flexibility that you would not have working outside of your home for someone else, and others need to be respectful.

You will be spending a lot of time in your office, especially at first, attempting to get your business going well and running smoothly. Therefore, in order to have a fair go of it, a well-organized environment is paramount to your success.

Furnishings For Your Office

Everyone needs a good desk. It should have plenty of room to spread out any paperwork required as well as a place to put your computer, monitor, and a fax machine (optional but nice to have) and your phone system.

A filing cabinet or shelving with perhaps baskets in which to organize all of the files you will need to create for your business.

A good computer, with lots of memory and up to date software, along with a fast internet connection will be necessary in order to do many the many hours of work at home you’ll need to do. Setting up websites for your business if you are not working for another company will be very important for your business.

Good lighting is essential for your workspace. Make sure that you have good overhead lighting and a good desk lamp to help eliminate eyestrain.

Besides the desk, having a comfortable desk chair is extremely important. Make sure it fits your body comfortably, that the seat moves up and down to adjust for your leg height, that the back of the chair is tall enough to support your back and there is plenty of padding everywhere!

Having the normal supply of mundane office products is also essential. Your former employer most likely provided paper, pens, pencils, file-folders, post-it notes, paper clips, and a stapler. You will now need to get them for your own office.

Personalizing Your Space

Accessories for your office could also include a White Board (a dry marker board) that you use erasable markers with, where you can keep track of your schedule and any pending orders. Make a “Goals” bulletin board where you can visualize and track your success.

Perhaps some pictures on the wall, a mirror and a clock would fit into your decorating scheme. Having a radio in there is nice but a television could be distracting. If you are a female, a vase of fresh flowers or scented candles might be to your liking.

Now that your office is set up and organized, you’ll be well on your way to making a living from home with your own business.

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