Small Home Business Opportunities For Stay At Home Mums

by WorkFromHome on March 29, 2012

Stay at home mums have an interesting opportunity in an economy that is rapidly becoming digital and home-based: they’re already at home, and they have all the tools they need to earn a solid secondary income while they raise their young children during their most formative years. In fact, it is the very skills they use to raise their own children which contribute to some of the best home business opportunities for mums who have elected to stay home.

Baking for Kids Becomes Baking for a Profit

It’s no secret that young children absolutely loved baked goods — from cookies to cakes and pies. And while you probably want to monitor and moderate their intake of these sugary treats, it should be noted that there is a large base of customers who don’t care at all about moderation and simply want something homemade to pair with dinner in the evening. For these customers, a supermarket bakery will suffice — but something made by a private citizen would be far better.

There is a growing market for gourmet baked goods that eschew the now-commonplace act in supermarkets of simply reheating frozen or “partially baked” sweets. This market is fuelled by cable television networks which glorify cooking at home, cooking competitively, and even learning how to decorate cakes and cookies without relying on supermarket services. Paired with a growing global movement that values locally-grown and locally-baked foods and goods, stay at home mums have never had a better way to turn their daily duties into a solid secondary source of income.

Freelancing Opportunities Online

For those mums which would rather not incur the additional responsibility associated with watching someone else’s children along with their own, there are a large number of freelancing opportunities online. These sites allow stay at home mums to work at their own pace and on their own schedule. They can turn their child’s nap time into work time, easily completing graphic design or writing projects, resume design services or customer service call interception.

And it’s easy to log off and resume tending to a child’s needs when their nap is over or when they require extra attention. Best of all, the work will wait — and there will always be another assignment to take on when the time is right. As a mother’s duties decrease and their children get more independent, they’ll be able to work more often and earn even more income. And they won’t get bored in the home, even as their attention and assistance is needed less often.

Caring for Pets

While there are plenty of home business owners and work from home mums who can easily walk their pets and tend to them throughout the day, it’s true that the vast majority of people go to a typical office every day and have to leave their dogs and cats behind. If you’ve got a relatively large house, it’s easy to turn the mornings and afternoons into pet sitting time — as well as childcare time. Providing this service actually comes with a unique benefit that actually helps stay at home mums teach a valuable lesson.

It’s well known that young children can be a bit rough on pets — they just assume that these animals are like their stuffed bears and bunnies, able to played with however they see fit. As an added benefit to watching the neighbours’ pets, this service allows stay at home mums to teach their young children about how to properly treat and handle a dog or a cat.

And it will ensure that, when the time is right, they can treat the family’s own pet exactly the right way. This teachable moment will help stay at home mums earn a great supplemental monthly income and educate their children in animal safety and treatment — a win-win for everyone involved.

Many More Opportunities

The best opportunities for stay at home mums depend on just how much the mum wishes to work, and how demanding they wish their home occupation to be. Always just an occupation by how much you are willing to work, and how much you services as a mum will be needed, before committing to it. Everyone is different, and each position should be evaluated independently.

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