Some of The Best Home Businesses for Fast Cash

by WorkFromHome on December 28, 2011

Although it can seem contradictory to want to start a business when money and income is desperately needed, there are many home businesses that can provide a substantial income opportunity without a cash investment. Whether you have a few hours a day or many hours a week to commit to building a home business, there are several home business models that can have you earning money as soon as today.

Online Auctions

Online auction businesses are among the most lucrative home businesses today. Most online auction business owners began their businesses by selling unwanted merchandise from their own homes. Most homes contain enough unwanted merchandise to be able to fully fund a home business. Brand-name adult and kids’ clothing, designer handbags and accessories, brand-name electronics, high-end makeup and skincare products, rare collectibles and fine china, sports and entertainment memorabilia, tools, game systems and games, and exercise equipment all sell very well on online auction sites.

Getting started is as easy as signing up on the auction site of your choice and beginning the process of becoming a buyer and familiarising yourself with the site. Most online auction sites have a feedback or rating system in place. This system allows buyers and sellers to rate transactions on a variety of factors. Your feedback rating on these platforms determines your overall success on the site. Buying a few small items and paying quickly will result in a high rating, initially. Once you have a few small purchases under your belt, you can begin to sell items from your home on the site. Start the sale of your items low and schedule the auctions to run for five to seven days in order to maximise your earnings. Once you have acquired enough money, you can either quit while ahead and catch up on bills or costs, or recycle the money into purchasing lots or pallets of goods to resell for profit.

Freelance Writing

Whether you are currently working full or part-time, starting a freelance writing business can add a significant cushion to your earning platform. If you are not working, freelance writing can easily provide you with a lucrative income to help support the family or become the primary breadwinner. Internet marketing, independent blogs and websites, and the increase in digital technology have opened up so many doors of opportunity for prospective freelance writers.

The great thing about starting a freelance writing business is that it takes very little time to begin earning money and no up-front investment. If you can carve aside two to three hours a week to apply to the web’s best freelance writing sites, you can begin earning money as soon as your writing samples are submitted and you are approved to write for the sites.

Most freelance writers work for several clients or sites at a time. Many sites go through writing dry spells. Having a large basket of “eggs” ensures that you will have a steady stream of work and clients. Market research companies, Fortune500 companies, content generating sites, and revenue sharing sites are great sources for freelance writing gigs and jobs. Once approved for writing, you can elect to write about virtually any topic that suits your interest. Having a strong command of the English language, an adaptable vocabulary and language, excellent research skills, and fast typing ability can give you the edge over other writers and maximise the amount of money you earn for each hour you spend writing.

Independent Home Party Consultant

Independent sales consultants represent well-established companies and sell a variety of products and services to friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances by selling goods at home parties. As an independent consultant, you would receive a commission percentage based upon the total number of orders or volume of merchandise ordered at any home party. You are also entitled to bonuses and free company merchandise as you reach certain monetary levels of sales within the company.

Becoming an independent home party consultant is great for those with marketing skills, large social circles, or an outgoing personality. Some companies offer you the opportunity to make even more money when you recruit new consultants into the company. While party consultants do typically invest some money into acquiring marketing materials, websites, and products, the return on investment for a dedicated consultant is usually high. People recognise and purchase products from well-known and trusted home party companies, so your success rate out the gate is high.

Home party consultants can sell everything from candles to makeup, home cookware, dinnerware, home décor, food, financial services, jewellery, trinkets, clothing, baby items, handbags and accessories, and even tools and appliances.

If you are looking to start a home business long-term or you need fast cash, there are many home business options that will offer lots of money and success.

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