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by WorkFromHome on June 11, 2011

Getting in shape and staying fit is one of the most important parts of staying healthy for Australians, which means that there is a big demand for qualified fitness professionals. Being qualified to teach others yoga, aerobics or personal training techniques may require you to not only have experience in practicing these techniques, but also have worked at a fitness centre. If you have a university level degree in physical fitness or a related area, then you are well on your way to being able to support your family with this lucrative career.

Create Your Own Schedule When You Teach Yoga From Home

You do not need to have a fancy yoga studio in order to teach yoga to a single student, or even two or three students, in an intimate setting. Your target audience will be your neighbours and others living nearby, who will be attracted by how easy it is to get to the class that you are offering. Offering a class from home means that you can keep your overhead low, since yoga traditionally does not require a great deal of equipment.

Start advertising your classes at your local community locations, such as your church, synagogue, children’s schools and other nearby locations. Keep your class fees low, so that you can compete with more expensive fitness centres, and remind your students of the personalized attention that they will be able to receive from you in a one-on-one session or in a small class.

Teach Aerobics Classes For Someone Else

If the idea of having strangers coming to your home does not work for you, then you can consider offering your services by teaching aerobics, pilates, yoga or other fitness classes for a nearby gym on a per diem basis. This means that you work as an independent contractor who substitutes for regular fitness class instructors.

You will be paid well for your services, but still be able to decide whether you want to take on a class when it is offered, or if you need to be available to take care of your children, parents or if you have other obligations. While full time fitness instructors work for only one gym, you can offer your services to various area fitness centres. This way, you can have your pick of assignments nearly every day, without being obligated to take any of them on. You can even contract with a fitness centre to offer a class on a part time basis as an independent contractor.

Help Your Clients Slim Down As A Personal Trainer

Personal trainers help their clients to achieve their unique and specific fitness goals. Everyone has a very individual reason for working out, whether it is to lose weight, tone a specific area of the body or gain muscle mass. A personal trainer helps his or her client to achieve those goals as efficiently as possible, without hurting himself or herself while doing so.

You can work from home as a personal trainer, if you have a home gym that is adequately outfitted. This means that you have a dedicated space with both cardiac equipment, such as a treadmill or a stationary bicycle, as well as machinery for circuit training and free weights. Because you will be training only one person at a time, you can use the same equipment that you would use to outfit a home gym for your own personal use.

Making sure that the equipment is safe for your clients to use is an important part of your work as a personal trainer. A successful personal trainer also must be able to motivate his or her clients to push their bodies to achieve the results that they want. While every personal trainer has a unique style, a key success factor is being able to identify what your client needs to hear, in order to remain motivated in order to stay on track with his or her fitness plan.

Help Others Stay Fit With A Fitness Blog

You can provide key fitness news and information to others by writing fitness tips and exercise routines on a blog. Update it regularly to keep it relevant to your readers, and consider adding in videos that show demonstrations of the tips that you are suggesting.

Your blog will turn into a business when you either charge your readers to subscribe to it, or when you use affiliate marketing to monetize it. This means using advertisements for products that are compatible with your blog, such as exercise equipment, weight loss products and nutritional supplements to earn money from web traffic on your blog. Depending on the agreement you have with your advertisers, you will be paid either when visitors click on advertisements, or you will be paid a percentage of the sales that their clicks generate.

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