Stay Healthy While Working From Home

by WorkFromHome on October 21, 2011

Working from home will reduce your chances of finding yourself sick from your co-workers’ germs and of getting into a car accident while commuting to and from the office, but it comes with its own set of potential health concerns. When you are spending all of your time in front of your computer, there is the potential for a number of health risks ranging from a sore back to life threatening blood clots. With some easy exercises and a healthy diet, though, you can keep your health and continue to enjoy the benefits of being able to work from home.

Get Off Of The Couch And Into An Ergonomic Desk Chair

You may be tempted to work on your laptop computer while lounging on your living room sofa or even on your bed, but spending several hours a day on a piece of furniture that does not offer proper support can mean causing you discomfort in your back, legs and can even put you at increased risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. Having a desk with an ergonomic chair that you can adjust to fit your body’s unique needs is a must for serious at home professionals.

Although ergonomic chairs are available in a range of prices, you do not have to spend a small fortune to stay healthy while at work. Shop at your local office supply store where you can try out the chairs before you buy them. The chair that you purchase should offer adjustments for the height and arms, as well as for the tilt angle of the back and seat. Make sure that while seated on the chair, the adjustments allow your feet to rest comfortably on the ground to keep from causing unnecessary pressure on your knees.

Make Time To Get Up And Move Around

One of the benefits of working from home is that there is no one around to interfere with a regularly scheduled exercise break. Plan to make time each day to walk around the house or around the block outside to keep the blood moving in your legs. Your circulation is an important part of your health, since not moving from your desk chair all day can mean that deadly blood clots can form in your legs.

If you have a hard time making the time to exercise, then set up appointments on your calendar to go to the gym or walk your dog. Spending time exercising with a friend is another great way to make sure that you get to continue to enjoy your health while also allowing you to spend time with a friend.

Eat At The Kitchen Table Not Your Office Desk

Lots of Australians report gaining weight while working in corporate offices because they feel pressure to work through lunch and even dinner. Mindlessly eating while still typing means that while your body is digesting all of those calories, your mind is not registering that you have eaten. As a result, you will find yourself still feeling hungry even though you have eaten. If you keep up these bad habits while at home, you will find yourself gaining weight and feeling irritable and unhappy as your health declines.

Take advantage of working from home and enjoy a real lunch and dinner in the kitchen, away from your work. Mentally, you need to take a break from working instead of spending eight or more hours at your computer. When you return to your work after lunch, you will be refreshed and in a much more creative frame of mind than when you left for lunch.

Step Away From The Computer To Keep From Burning Out

Having your business located at home makes for a convenient commute but it also can mean an increased risk of burning out from spending too much time on work. While you will have to devote a great deal of energy and time to starting a new business or learning the ropes at a new job, you still need to make sure that you carve out time to enjoy with friends and family members away from your desk.

Freelance writers struggle with burn out more than most other professionals, since they are most likely to find themselves continuing to write or edit their work on their computer just because it is right in front of them. If this sounds like you, then remember that even if you spend untold hours sitting at your desk, there is still a limit to how many of those hours you will be productive and how many you will just be wasting when you could be with your friends and family members. If the visual reminder of your computer is too much, then invest in a desk that has a cover for it.

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