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What A Freelance Writers Day Really Looks Like

by WorkFromHome on March 8, 2012

Becoming a freelance writer is an aspiration for many. The thought of rising out of bed when you want, making a cup of tea, and writing the most eloquent prose for the remainder of the day is appealing. The Internet has created a demand for freelance writers, making it more appealing to those who want […]

Earn Money Online Through Freelancing Writing

by WorkFromHome on November 10, 2011

There are multiple ways for freelancers to earn money by working from home. Online companies and website entrepreneurs are looking for people with special skills to work for them. If you can write, design, program or are good with numbers, you can find an opportunity to make some extra money. What skills are sought after? […]

Wanted: Writers Who Want to Earn Money Online

by WorkFromHome on October 29, 2011

There are many great opportunities to make money online, and one of the best ways is as a writer. If you enjoy writing and are proficient in grammar and research, you can earn income from home doing any of the following: Become a freelance writer or copywriter. An easy way to start is to find […]

10 Ways To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

by WorkFromHome on September 12, 2011

If you desire to earn money from home as a freelance writer, there has never been a better time. The Internet is continually growing, and the need for writers is increasing. It is the true Information Age, and freelance writers are its biggest beneficiaries. To become a freelance writer is relatively simple. You will need […]

Many people desire to become a freelance writer. It is a position that they believe can utilize their creativity as well as provide them a lucrative income. Many people desire to be at home because a new baby has been born, a family member needs care, or because the office life is no longer desirable. […]

10 Application Tips For Freelance Writers

by WorkFromHome on August 8, 2011

When you work from home as a freelance writer, either as an employee or a contractor, you will be required to go through an application and interview process that is similar to regular employment. Potential employers want to screen remote employees as carefully as they do ones that work onsite. When a freelance writing position […]

Freelance writing can be a great way for talented Australians to translate their skills in communications into a tidy profit. You can even build a successful home based business upon your freelance writing work. A successful home based business requires clients, however, which means that you will have to market your freelance writing services to […]

Make Money from Home as a Freelance Writer

by WorkFromHome on July 16, 2011

Freelance writers are among the highest paid in the work from home sector. A well-established writer submits content to online publications, blogs, forums, and content generation websites in exchange for a set fee. Some freelance writers earn what is commonly known as revenue share from sites that pay writers an up-front payment and residual income […]

Becoming A Technical Writer

by WorkFromHome on July 11, 2011

Technical writing is a very large portion of freelance writing jobs. Companies and professionals need manuals and documents created about their product that sounds professional, is extremely detailed, and also easy to read. Many writers avoid this type of work because of the editing process that is usually involved in this type of work. However, […]

There are many gifted writers that would love to quit their day jobs and work full time in the writing industry. Since the advent of the Internet, this dream has become a reality for many. However, many writers can’t seem to make a career out of freelance writing, regardless of how they try. What most […]