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It is not unusual to find yourself waking up one morning and deciding that you no longer can stand the thought of going to work at the same place for another day. While you are responsible and go to your job anyways, the seeds of discontent have been planted, and the desire to move on […]

There are many reasons that you may have for working from home as a remote employee or as a business owner. You may want to follow a dream or pursue an idea that has been burning in the back of your mind. You may desire to have more time with your family or to relax. […]

Maternity leave is sometimes just not enough time to spend with your new baby before returning to work. Many women decide to stay home with their babies after holding him in their arms for a few weeks. It is possible to balance needing to work to pay the bills with wanting to stay home with […]

Avoiding Common Work From Home Scams

by WorkFromHome on April 11, 2012

Starting a home business continues to be a popular option among average consumers, and its draw is clear: in an economic downturn, it’s far better to work from home and control your fate than to take the risk of heading to the office and getting a pink slip. But with any increasingly popular industry comes […]

Ways To Improve Your Productivity When You Work From Home

by WorkFromHome on February 24, 2012

Starting a home business is a more popular option than ever before and, with the rise in internet-based businesses, it’s getting increasingly easy to abandon the office building for the home office — or the couch. But it can be hard to maintain a high standard of productivity in a home which is full of […]

The Internet has changed the way that people communicate with each other. In the past it was impossible to reach a large audience of people without paying large sums for television advertising or radio spots. Personal opinions or experiences were often overlooked because broadcasting these ideas was cost-prohibitive, and there was no specific way to […]

Tips for Staying Motivated When You Work From Home

by WorkFromHome on February 10, 2012

Working from home presents a unique set of opportunities for those who wish to pursue this increasingly popular option: their work is self-managed, their hours are tailored to their own preferences, and their earnings are tied to their quality and their motivation. But that motivation can be especially hard to maintain on a daily basis, […]

How To Work From Home As A Home Based Employee

by WorkFromHome on January 31, 2012

Many people incorrectly believe that the only way they can work from home is as a freelance worker. While working freelance or as a contract employee is great for some people, others prefer the stability of being an employee. Finding home based employment can be a little tricky, but it is not impossible if you […]

Working from Home as a Virtual Assistant

by WorkFromHome on January 23, 2012

Virtual assistants are changing the way companies get their office administration tasks done. Instead of hiring a full-time or part-time employee, they are farming out office work over the internet to independent contractors. These independent contractors are known as virtual assistants, and they benefit from having increased flexibility to work from home. Why Employers Hire […]

Data entry jobs have been available to qualified work from home candidates since the dawn of the internet age. As one of the first types of jobs for the home-based employee, data entry jobs have provided a consistent and regular income to individuals for years. In recent years, however, data entry jobs have become so […]