Great Habits For Successful Freelance Writers

by WorkFromHome on May 16, 2011

You may be a great writer, but it takes much more than the ability to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to become a successful freelance writer. Being a freelance writer means contracting with several different clients to provide them with high quality writing. It could mean a series of articles on different […]

Writing Content That Keeps People Coming Back

by WorkFromHome on May 12, 2011

Imagine that your blog is a fruit tree, and that your potential readers are hungry. The significance of your blog in this analogy is that you are providing your potential readers with something they want and need. What will bring them to your metaphorical tree is not the amount of fruit it bears, but the […]

Freelance Writing Jobs – Work From Home Writing

by WorkFromHome on April 9, 2011

Wondering how you can take your love of writing and make it into a profitable side venture, or maybe even a career that pays well enough to quit a job that you are not passionate about? To be a successful freelance writer requires you to be a competent writer with the ability to use concise […]