Tap Into The Homeopathic Market With An Online Bath Salt Business

by WorkFromHome on October 12, 2011

Know the difference between the relaxing scent of lavender and the more invigorating fragrance of pomegranate? The time is right for entrepreneurs passionate about natural products to tap into the market for natural bath salts and other products which you can easily make at home and sell online. Use your enthusiasm for homeopathic remedies and relaxation as well as your business acumen to begin a successful home based company in this growing niche area.

Why Bath Salts Are A Top Product Idea For New Home Business Owners

Bath salts have been around for thousands of years, but recently their benefits have become more popularized as more Australians than ever before have begun to take an interest in finding products that offer health benefits without adding unnecessary chemicals. Today’s consumers are well aware of the circulation benefits of soaking in a bath foaming with Epsom salts, but they want more than just health benefits. They also want to feel pampered and relaxed as they luxuriate in their bath.

Adding luxury is where you come in as a home based business owner. By adding fragrant essential oils, clever packaging and even complementary products to your bath salts you can transform a bland experience into a sublime one. The best part is that even though your earning potential is limited only by your imagination and zeal for business, getting started does not require a great deal of start up cash or equipment.

Getting Started In The Bath Salt Business

Find out whether you are truly interested in building a business around bath salts by making a few test batches before you begin to make any big investments in a new company. You will only need a few ingredients in the beginning, including:

  • Jars
  • Boxes of Epsom salts, which are available in bulk online
  • Bottles of scented essential oils in the scents of your choice

There are many different recipes available online for scented bath salts. Take the time to experiment with finding the recipe that gives you the scent and consistency that works best for you. Once you have decided to dive in and start your business, you will want to think about adding a few more items to your supplies and business investments, including:

  • Labels and packaging that embody your business’s brand and image
  • Liability insurance in the event that a customer has an allergic reaction to your product and is inclined to take legal action
  • An e-commerce website so that you can easily sell your products to customers within and outside of Australia any time of the day or night

Top Success Factors For Growing Bath Salt Businesses

Becoming a financial success in this industry means being able to stand out from a sea of generic bath salts, scrubs and bubbles. It is only when your customers see your products as being unique that they will be inclined to pay a premium for them. It is easy to demonstrate your one-of-a-kind business ethos though! Here are some of the top ways to get started:

  • Tell the story of why you are passionate about natural and homeopathic bath salts and other remedies on your website and packaging
  • Make your bath salt packaging stand out from the plastic bottles in the stores. Whether you opt for retro glass mason jars or sleekly modern brushed metal finishes, make sure that your bath salts’ containers look as fabulous as the bath salts themselves are
  • Stay away from the pre made bath salt bases available in craft stores. When you can tell your customers that your products are made entirely from scratch you can command a much higher price point while setting yourself apart from the pack

Creative Marketing Will Lead To An Increase In Loyal Customers

Besides being unique, you also will have to be ready to share with the world why bath salts are so beneficial. There are many Australians who are unaware of their potential health benefits, and when you educate them about the relaxing effects or potential to soothe sore muscles they will become loyal customers. Creative marketing efforts can pay off tremendously! Here are some ideas:

  • Find local hair salons or spas to sell your products on commission
  • Sell your products in bulk to local day spas
  • Give away samples of your product at local events aimed at your target customers

As you continue to grow your business, your creativity will continue to serve you well. Complementary products, like all natural creams, soaps and even products for children and pets are natural extensions of this growing niche. Keep your eyes and ears open so that you know what your customers need before they find it elsewhere!

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