The Difference Between Freelance Writing As A Business or Hobby

by WorkFromHome on June 19, 2011

What makes someone a professional writer instead of just a writer? When he or she is able to earn a steady income from selling his or her writing services to others. If you want to be able to turn freelance writing into a steady stream of money that will help you to support yourself and your family, then you will have to change your mindset from thinking about writing as merely something that you enjoy to thinking about it as a home business that you want to run with a profit motive.

Being motivated by profit is how businesses make decisions every day. Sometimes they are hard decisions, such as working long hours, taking on less than fun projects in order to make a name for yourself or investing in course work that will make you more qualified. A profit motive also means being aware of which skills are needed to make you marketable as a freelance writer, such as an excellent command of the rules of grammar and an ability to edit your work perfectly.

Promote Yourself To Grow Your Business

A business that sells products is constantly working to promote its goods. Since your skill in writing is your product, you must work hard to promote yourself as a freelance writer. Your professional reputation is your greatest asset as a freelance writer, so you must burnish it with the necessary academic and professional credentials and continue to grow it with continual self promotion.

Many freelance writers showcase their writing skills through online portfolios. Others like to use a slightly more casual approach and keep blogs to show off their writing acumen. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that your writing skills are seen as diverse and well honed.

When You Write What You Love That May Have To Be Payment Enough

There will be time when you post articles to pay per view websites that, although you loved writing the article, you have to accept that you will likely not receive much more than the satisfaction of having written the article. This could be because the topic, though fascinating to you, is not widely searched for. It also could be that the websites willing to post articles on this particular topic do not offer any upfront payments.

If you want to earn money, then, like any other profit motivated business organization, you may need to sacrifice writing solely about what you find most interesting for what others are willing to pay for. Remember, you are trying to build a business, not finance a hobby. If you were financing a hobby, then you would write only as many articles as it takes to pay for whatever supplies it takes to do your hobby. Growing a business, though, means thinking more strategically about your business plan as a freelance writer, and actively seeking out profitable freelance writing opportunities.

Follow The Money To A Successful Freelance Writing Career

The world of online freelance writing has become increasingly competitive, as more and more skilled writers have turned to the Internet to grow their careers. The good news, is that at the same time, the number of different venues for freelance writers to earn money from home while writing has also grown exponentially.

You can join several different writer job boards through which you can bid on different writing jobs for a variety of different clients. Unfortunately, with so many other freelance writers also looking for work, this process can be so competitive that the winning writer could find himself or herself working for almost no money. You may be better off working with a professional writing service website, which offers payment to freelance writers based upon the number of words in each article or upon a fixed fee for each article.

When working with a professional writing service website, you will still be able to browse a long list of different articles that clients want to be written. Remember, while you may not feel overly warm about all of the topics available, growing your reputation as a business, not to mention your skills as a freelance writer, will likely require you to spend at least some time writing these articles. This is especially true if you are trying to replace your full time job with income from freelance writing. When you begin working with a professional writing services website, you may begin at a lower pay rate per word or per article, and then be given a raise to be commensurate with your writing skill level as you continue to prove your worth to the professional writing services website over time.

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