The Most Effective Methods for Blogs Using Affiliate Marketing

by WorkFromHome on May 15, 2011

The Fundamental Strategy

As with all things, it’s important to begin with the fundamentals before you can formulate a good strategy with a high chance of success. The underlying economics of using affiliate marketing to monetize a blog is what you should be concerned with as you get started. Your plan of action is to provide some supply to meet a demand in the industry your blog focuses on. This demand is generally going to be some problem that individuals or businesses are facing in your blog’s industry, and the supply will usually be some product or service that will help people tackle the given problem. What follows is a step by step formula for effective affiliate marketing using these ideas as a foundation.

Seeking Out and Identifying Demand

The newest problems tend to create fashionable solutions that you can profit from. When you look at the trends over the past year or past six months in any industry, you will see people gravitate towards worrying about some new problem or issue. The general thing to look for here as you scan the headlines is any play on fear or worry, since that tends to indicate an opportunity to sell to someone who is stirred up emotionally. Products and services will naturally be created to respond to this demand, and it’s up to you to do a little research to figure out the trends that you can use to make money by pushing affiliate programs for such products and services.

A great tool for looking at the popularity of ideas or products is Google Trends. This tool shows graphs based on the number of news stories containing specific keywords, and it can also show you how search engine volume for specific keywords has changed over time. Google Trends is free for anyone to use.

Cultivating and Managing a Supply

Once you have a demand in mind, it’s time to find products or services that can pacify that demand. To make the most of this opportunity, you’ll need to take the time research the effectiveness of different affiliate programs available. It would be a good idea to use a spreadsheet to organize this data, since it will be useful for testing later on. In your research, what you want to look at is the profit you’ll make from each sell, the popularity of the product or service, and the reputation of the company you’ll be working for as an affiliate. Working for the highest-paying affiliate program in the world isn’t going to be of much use if it is operated by a shady company that has a reputation for not paying its affiliates. When you’re finished, you want to have anywhere from three to five good affiliate programs to try.

Launching and Optimizing Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

By now you will have identified a demand in your industry and located products or services that you can promote that will satisfy that demand. At this point in the game, it’s time to launch your campaign by putting up the appropriate advertisements and links on your blog for one of your offers. Let the offer run on your blog for a day or so, and then test to make sure that the tracking bits are working so that you can track how many people click on the offers and how many people become customers after clicking.

Now it’s time to optimize your campaign by testing the offers you found against each other to figure out which will be the most profitable for your blog. Let the first offer run for a week or two, and keep a spreadsheet of the results. Next, replace it with another offer that you found, and repeat the process. After testing each of the offers you came up with, you’ll have one or two affiliate offers that performed the best, and these will be the offers that you use on your blog for the long term.

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