There Are Only Two Types Of Home Business Professional – Which One Are You?

by WorkFromHome on May 3, 2012

It is not uncommon for a person to start an online business, only to find out that they are not happy with the results they are seeing for their income. Yet, at the same time, it is also not uncommon for someone to start an Internet based business and become successful almost instantly.

The reason for this type of difference is actually very simple. There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world. Determining which type you are, and which type you would like to be, is the key to being in the successful category of the two.

Type 1: The Do Anything Entrepreneur

Sometimes the desire to work from home is so great that when a person is looking for a business they will accept anything. While this may have an advantage every once-in-awhile, this is often the leading cause of failure. Businesses should be treated, well, like a business, and not just an available opportunity.

This group of home based business professionals also spend a lot of money getting started. They feel they must invest into a business and learn it later. They are the first ones to jump at “new program on the Internet” advertisements, and react to sales letters that promise everything but heaven in them.

It is also not uncommon for people in this group to walk around saying “If.” “If I just got in on a ground-floor opportunity before it went viral,” or “If I could only find the right business that pays out enough money right from the start,” they always believe they must work off of another person’s idea or business plan.

While this type of group is very innovative and resourceful, these resources are often directed in the wrong direction. Their motivation eventually wanes due to lack of success, and many give up or move on to the next big deal.

Type 2: The Fill A Need Entrepreneur

A type two business owner sees a need, no matter how small, and creates their own business to fill that need. They do not respond to “business-in-a-box” offers on the Internet or in magazines, but often are the creators of those products.

Type two’s are the adventurous type and are willing to step off the beaten track to deliver their message and product to the population. They are willing to go the extra distance to make sure they are being heard, and they shamelessly self-promote at every given chance.

This type of business owner will create a business about something that they know and understand. They will take an idea or a product that they are passionate about, and they develop a business to enhance that passion. Their passion pours out into that business, and the results are fabulous.

A type two will also do one thing that a type one never does: renew their passion for their product. A type one will walk away when things slow-down, a type two rekindles the flame.

Which One Is More Successful?

Of course you have already determined that a type two registers more success on an Internet venture than a type one. The great news is that anyone can become a type two if they are willing to examine themselves and their work habits.

It is all about how you think of things. You can train yourself to be successful, to do the things that are necessary to thrive. It takes some self-control and will power, but it is possible.

Home business success does not come from following a business plan created for another business or person; it comes from having an idea and creating your own plan. This does not mean that a business you are interested in would not work for you, absolutely not. What it means is that if you decide to enter into an already created business that you adjust it to work for you, not you work for the plan.

There are many ways that you can develop your skills to become a type two business owner. Take some time each day to learn something new. Is there are trending story in the news? This could be a possible opportunity to fill a need. Is there a free class on business accounting at the local community centre? Take it and learn more about being a business owner. Do you enjoy a particular hobby, or hold a specific belief? Use it to make yourself a success.

When you can be personally involved with the business, more than just a manager trying to implement a business plan, you will see your business flourish. This is when you will be in the type two mindset, and there will be nothing stopping you from becoming a home business success.

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