Tips for Avoiding Data Entry Scams

by WorkFromHome on June 3, 2011

Data entry jobs are among the most coveted work from home jobs today. Qualified typists, data entry specialists, and those interested in obtaining a level-entry work from home job turn to data entry jobs. Unfortunately, for every one legitimate online data entry job, there are 32 other data entry opportunities that are scams. Anyone interested in securing a data entry job should know that there are several tell-tale signs that determine whether or not the prospective job is a scam.

Any company that requires an up-front fee for processing or to cover administrative costs is almost always a scam. Data entry jobs are not easy to come by. Scam artists may create a sales page or landing page that ensures they have insider access to many high-paying data entry jobs and clients. This simply is not true. It can take months to secure a data entry project or job. In addition, there is usually steep competition to secure a legitimate data entry project. Any website or company that tells you that they will provide you with a top-secret list of hundreds of available data entry jobs in exchange for a fee is lying. They are only interested in earning your hard-earning money and disappearing into the night, without providing you with anything in return.

Many of the advertised data entry jobs pertain to rebate processing. Rebate processing jobs do not exist. The position entails transposing data from online and mailed rebate offers and processing addresses and checks to send to consumers. The companies that sponsor or offer the rebate are the people who process rebates. There is no such thing as a third-party rebate processor. If you happen to come across a website that promises you will earn hundreds of dollars per hour or per day processing rebates, it is definitely a scam.

Always check a website’s credentials with a reputable online website verification company or local legislative office. Online forums that cater to work from home specialists are often great places to check out if a company or offer is legitimate. Work from home forum moderators and contributors have often worked from home for many years, and can typically spot a scam right away. Joining a forum and asking the right questions can eliminate excessive research and may even save you time and money, if the company is determined to be a scam. Many website verification companies give a letter grade to a company based upon customer feedback and response. Companies with a high grade are deemed as trustworthy and are a smart choice to sign up with. On the other hand, if a company is not able to be located, or has a poor grade, exercise caution and do further research before deciding to provide them with any of your personal information.

A great way to avoid signing up with a scam is to keep your job search local. More companies, especially medical offices and facilities, are beginning to convert their paper files to digital or audio files. If you have relevant transcription, coding, or specialised data entry skills, and can type quickly while meeting deadlines, you can obtain some very large clients that offer consistent work doing various data entry-related projects. Often, these companies are too busy to reach out to the community to find dependable and trustworthy individuals to handle these projects on their behalf. By taking control of your job search and scheduling appointments or meetings with managers, executives, or human resource representatives, you can offer your services, explain how you can help alleviate their work load, and provide them with aptitude test results or a well-composed resume’ and references pertaining to your data entry experience. Some of the highest paying data entry jobs come from local clients, vendors, and businesses and you can rest assured that you won’t run into scams when you seek out projects from local business professionals.

Another great way to avoid being scammed is to ask questions. A reputable company will be happy to provide you with a detailed list of instructions, formatting-related specifics, deadlines for project completion, and pay rate information, up front. Honest companies will communicate effectively, and respond to questions or inquiries from you in a timely manner. A company that wavers in their advice, changes their pay rate or instructions mid-project, or dodges your questions is a sign of a potential scam artist. It is always best to draw up a contract, mutually agree to the terms, and have both parties sign and date the document. This will clear up any misunderstandings and ensure you get paid, should an issue arise.

Trust your instincts and do your research. With patience and determination, you can secure legitimate data entry jobs.

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