Tips for Staying Motivated When You Work From Home

by WorkFromHome on February 10, 2012

Working from home presents a unique set of opportunities for those who wish to pursue this increasingly popular option: their work is self-managed, their hours are tailored to their own preferences, and their earnings are tied to their quality and their motivation. But that motivation can be especially hard to maintain on a daily basis, especially when the home environment is full of distractions and the stresses of managing a family. And work — whether it’s in an office building or a home office — is still work. And it’s hard to get motivated for work every single day of the week. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best ways to stay motivated on a day-to-day basis while owning and operating your own business from home.

Remember Your Mission

Why did you leave the traditional work environment behind in favour of a home business in the first place? It’s likely that you weren’t satisfied with your job, your co-workers, or the field in which you had made a career. These things need to be on your mind every day in order to remind you of just why you currently have a business operating from a home office. Your reason for starting a business — and what you hope to accomplish by doing so — should be placed prominently in your home office environment. When you lose motivation, look at it — and you’ll realize just how good you have it, and how hard you should be working.

Create Daily Goals for Yourself

Motivation can be hard to maintain throughout the day. It’s true that you may wake up with a good amount of motivation at the beginning of the day, but as time wears on the the routine sets in, ambition tends to fade just a little, even for the most ambitious worker. Make yourself a set of daily goals that are easy to identify and even easier to reach. If you prefer to tie motivation to productivity, you can even set a time by which each of the day’s goals should be accomplished. Stick to these goals every day, and reward yourself when you reach them. Your home is full of potential rewards, so use it to your motivational advantage!

Develop Longer-Range Goals for Your Business

It’s important not only to remember why you left your old job in favour of your home office, but also what you truly hope to get out of his new opportunity you’ve created for yourself. Every business has a purpose — sometimes it’s to benefit other members of the community, and other times it’s simply to benefit the life of the business owner and their family members. Know what you want your business to accomplish in the end, and make large, long-range goals that help you get there. Check them off and reward yourself when you do. And on days when it’s hard to remember why you chose this business, and why you’re even working at all, look at those goals — and you’ll feel inspired to get back on track and make your enterprise a success.

Don’t Force Motivation if it Isn’t There

There are some days when it simply isn’t possible to get motivated. People who work in traditional office environments call this “the weekend.” And you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a day off, even if it is a Tuesday or another random weekday. You make your own schedule and your own goals, and you know as well as anyone in the home business industry that you can easily make up for a day off in the future. This will serve you well, as a slow burn fares far better than a quick burnout. Always keep in mind that days of rest and relaxation are as essential to your long-term success as any highly productive day you might have.

Schedule Breaks for Yourself

Don’t feel tempted to work a day without breaks. The luxury of working from home is that you need not adhere to the one hour lunch break, or the fifteen minute respite from your keyboard. Take frequent breaks that allow you to recharge your mind and start fresh after an hour or two of work. This is a big advantage you have over your office-going counterparts, and you may as well use it for all it’s worth.

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