Turn Your Hobby Into A Home Based Business

by WorkFromHome on May 14, 2011

Have a hobby that you would love to spend hours on? Instead of spending all that time stuck in an office, you could be making a great living by turning your favourite hobby into a home based business. The key to creating a great home based business out of a beloved hobby is to identify whether or not there is truly a potential profit to be made from your hobby, or if is best left as an activity that you enjoy on your own time.

The hobbies with the most potential as home based businesses are the ones that you can be successful at without investing a great deal of money first. For example, calligraphy requires only a set of high quality calligraphy pens and ink, a website to advertise your services and possibly a listing on a wedding website or two. Starting a bed and breakfast, however, means that you may need to totally refurbish your home. This will be at great personal expense, and you may struggle to make up this cost during your first year or even several years of operation. This could mean that your hobby of hosting guests and parties should be left as a personal activity.

If you love to write, then starting a career as a freelance writer is an excellent way to leverage that skill and hobby to make some extra money or even a full time income. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, then you are ready to embark upon this exciting career path. Take note, though, that to make money online from writing means that you will be doing it for someone else. This means tailoring your writing style and content to the preferences of your clients, particularly if you want to maximize your earning opportunities. You may be less than enthralled by writing on some subjects or in the style that certain clients prefer, in order to optimize web site searches.

The good news, though, is that with a low barrier to entry, you will be able to try out this career path without spending a great deal of money. If you find that you have a great knack for it, then you can grow your career even further by taking on assignments with many different clients. With perfect grammar, you can even become a highly paid copy editor. You can work from home editing articles, blog posts and website content for different publications and companies.

Freelance writing often becomes a subset of marketing, but if you have an artistic streak, then this hobby can be turned into a career as well. Love to spend hours editing your digital photos or creating the best logos for your kids’ sports teams? Commercial art includes website design, as well as desktop publishing, like brochures, product photography and catalogue design.

If you have a talent for photography, you may also be able to build a successful business as a professional photographer. As a professional photographer, you can work from home online by uploading your photographs of nature, buildings, scenery, famous sites, famous people and other clip art to an online agency or group of different online agencies. These online agencies maintain a catalogue of your photographs and charge clients, such as website designers or marketing professionals, a royalty fee for the download and use of them in their work. You will then receive a percentage of the royalty fee for your work.

The percentage of the royalty that you will receive will vary based upon the agreement that you enter into with the online photography agency, but approximately 50% is the norm. The best part of this plan for your new work from home career is that you can start off using your own camera, now that today’s most basic models have high resolutions and fast shutter speeds, and upgrade your equipment once you begin to see royalty checks from advertisers’ and others’ purchase of the rights to use your photographs.

Worried that you may not be able to make a great income from being a freelance photographer if you cannot spend your days on a photo safari in some exotic locale? Do not worry! Many of the businesses that will be purchasing your photographs are looking for stock photos of much more mundane fare. Great pictures of everyday items, such as office furniture, babies, baked goods, trees and flowers and other items found around your home, are always in demand by businesses who will use them in advertising campaigns to appeal to other consumers in Australia and beyond. What will matter the most is the quality of your photos, so make sure that they are in focus and that the colours appear to be both balanced and true to life.

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