Turn Your Love Of Pets Into A Great Home Based Business

by WorkFromHome on December 8, 2011

For pet lovers, there is nothing more satisfying then spending time with their dog, cat, rabbit or other pet. While a few offices might let you bring a well behaved small dog in for an hour or two, if you would like to spend more time with your favourite furry friend then you can start your own home based business. As a pet lover, you are already knowledgeable about many of the products and services that appeal to other pet owners. Read on for how you can translate your experience as a consumer into a profitable niche home based business.

Get Out There With A Dog Walking Service

Many Australians feel just as passionately as you do about their dogs, but have to leave them each day to go to work. Between the hours that they spend at the office and the time spent driving to and from their offices each day, these dog owners could be spending as many as ten or even 12 hours away from their homes and their dogs. Dogs need regular exercise to stay in shape both physically and mentally, which means that these hardworking dog owners need reliable dog walkers to stop by their homes and walk their dogs at least once a day.

Depending on the dog, the weather and the day each walk can last anywhere from half an hour to two hours. Puppies that are in the process of being housebroken may need to be walked multiple times during a day for shorter time. On days when the weather is rainy, cold or snowing your clients may ask you to play with their dogs in the house in order to keep the dogs from becoming aggressive or antisocial.

Sell Your Favourite Pet Products Through Affiliate Links

When you find a great pet travel product, like a harness or carrier, or a truly fabulous brand of gourmet pet food, you can enjoy income from affiliate links to these products and others when you link to them from your website or blog. Consider writing a blog with regular posts reviewing new and different pet products and services. When a reader clicks on the affiliate link on your blog and purchases a product from the website, you will be paid a percentage of the sale.

Help Other Pet Lovers Capture Memories With Pet Photographs

Whether it is photographs of dogs joyfully snacking on gigantic rawhide bones while wearing goofy hats for a holiday greeting card cover or portraits of cats stoically perched on living room chairs, the ability to capture a pet’s unique personality in a photograph can translate into a successful business. While many photographers have their own studios in locations ranging from shopping centres to office buildings, most pet photographers opt to travel with their cameras and other equipment to clients’ homes in order to make the subjects of their pictures, whether they are tiny Pomeranian puppies or enormous Great Danes, as comfortable as possible.

After taking your photographs you can then go home to edit them on your home computer. Digital cameras, as well as a number of advanced photo editing software programs, have made it possible for photographers to snap dozens or even hundreds of different photos of your clients’ beloved pets and then edit the best of them for presentation to your client. As your skills advance you may even be able to edit on the fly with your client and save yourself further visits to your client.

Be A Pet’s Home Away From Home With A Boarding Service

Travelling with your pet is more difficult and expensive than ever before, so Australian pet owners planning to fly or even to stay in a hotel overnight generally find themselves needing to make arrangements for their pets. Having a dog, cat, gerbil, rabbit or even fish come to stay with you can be a lot of fun, but if you already have your own pet, it can also be stressful.

Of course, having a goldfish swimming in a bowl on your kitchen counter is probably the easiest way to work from home while running a pet boarding service. Even if you do not have a dog or cat of your own, having someone else’s dog or cat staying in your home can be stressful. If you have a medium or large dog that is hyperactive, for example, then he or she could turn your home upside down before his or her owner comes back to collect him or her. Reduce the odds of having an unpleasant overnight by insisting on spending time with your new canine house guest one-on-one for a half hour or so prior to agreeing to take his or her owner on as a client for an overnight.

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