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For anyone wanting to make a living from home, a virtual assistant is an excellent position in which to work. A virtual assistant is a person who helps a company or a business person with certain tasks, such as making telephone calls, reservations or putting together mailings. Before the internet, companies had to go to the trouble of hiring an employee for such work. The internet has made this type of hiring extremely easy to do, as a virtual assistant is never even required to be on-site. This position is perfect for the work-at-home person.

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The Work of Virtual Assistants
A good virtual assistant can really be important to the productivity of an active company or business person. A good, dependable, solid worker can make hectic times much easier for the busy professional who may have lots to do, and not enough time in which to do it. Once you have proven yourself as a virtual assistant, you will be seen as a very valuable asset, and probably not have to look for work again in quite a while, if ever!

Virtual assistants take care of the important tasks which must be done, but which can be delegated to others.
These tasks include:

  • Making telephone calls
  • Making travel reservations and arrangements
  • Typing
  • Scheduling
  • Appointment setting
  • Using office software
  • Preparing mailings

A good virtual assistant is the type of person who can do these tasks not only proficiently, but professionally as well. A professional telephone presence is a must, as is good typing skills, good writing and grammar, and the ability to proficiently operate office software programs such as Excel and Microsoft Word.

The company or business person that hires a virtual assistant will be in need of a take charge individual who can take direction well, yet not have to be watched over. The main job of a virtual assistant is to save the employer time by helping with important tasks. Therefore, the employer certainly will not want to be babysitting!

If you are experienced at the office tasks that virtual assistants may be asked to do, and are a self starter type who can take direction well, a virtual assistant position may be the right fit for you. Just realize that this is a serious and demanding position. The people who hire virtual assistants are extremely busy and demanding, and if you are not going to take your work as a virtual assistant seriously, it will be best not to waste an employer’s time.

To find work as a virtual assistant, you will need a good computer, an internet connection, and many employers will want to communicate with you through Skype. You can find work by joining virtual assistant forums or communities and signing up with them. This is an excellent work opportunity for the person who likes challenging work, and is serious about that work.

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