Ways to Earn Money from Home with Established Companies

by WorkFromHome on December 20, 2011

The current state of the world’s economy has made it difficult for many to achieve the dreams of home-business success and entrepreneurial independence. Starting a business during a tumultuous economy can either be wildly successful or bomb quickly, resulting in a lot of risk, heartache, and stress. Fortunately, there are many ways to earn money from home by working for any number of well-established companies. There is an abundance of available customer service, technical support, virtual assistant, and tutoring jobs available online. The marketing, training, and customer base have already been acquired and maintained by these large companies, making it easy to walk into the home job of your dreams.

Customer Service

Customer service jobs are quickly becoming the most popular in the work from home sector. Large and small companies alike continue to see the cost-saving benefits of transferring a brick-and-mortar business into an online or digital business. Qualified candidates can work from home and answer phone calls, chat sessions, and emails from customers using sophisticated routing software and phone technology. Despite the high cost of integrating expensive software and database programs, the cost to run the business is dramatically decreased when employee insurance, taxes, equipment maintenance, building and office maintenance, and liability are eliminated.

If you have a passion for tackling difficult situations, can think on your feet, and enjoy talking to people from all walks of life, you will enjoy a career as a home-based customer service agent. If you have previous sales, retail, call center, or customer service experience, it can really give you the edge over other candidates. Be sure to include this information on the online application. Once hired, you can expect to earn a competitive hourly wage with the opportunity for bonuses, advancements, and commissions. All training is done online and by phone with the help of online conference call technology. You will learn about the company, the policies, the software necessary to perform the duties of the job, and will have lots of practice before taking live calls or chats. Most customer service agents must have a noise-free office, headset, computer, landline phone, and high-speed internet. You must also be willing to adhere to a specific weekly schedule or part-time or full-time hours.

Technical Support

Similar to a customer service agent, a technical support agent assists a variety of callers with inquiries or issues pertaining to their service. A technical support agent, however, troubleshoots software errors, phone or modem issues, computer errors, and other service-related issues for customers. As a technical support agent, you must have previous experience in the technology field and an ability to troubleshoot a variety of technical issues, from the very basic to the very advanced. While many technical support agents earn a high hourly wage, many are offered salaries based upon experience and qualifications. With dedicated service and time, you can become a supervisor or be offered a salaried position.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants act as the face of any organisation. They are extremely important to the success of both large and small companies alike. If you have previous experience as a secretary, receptionist, administrative or executive assistant, or office manager, you will love working from home as a virtual assistant. To become a successful virtual assistant, you must be able to manage time and deadlines, be organised, and have an innate ability to multi-task.

Virtual assistant duties include, but are not limited to: compiling figures, processing payroll, handling emails, placing and receiving phone calls to clients and vendors, scanning important documents, faxing clients, generating spreadsheets or creating presentations, assisting with inventory purchasing, creating marketing materials, recruiting new businesses, scheduling meetings or phone conferences, data entry and clerical tasks, and other necessary operational tasks.

To become a successful virtual assistant you need to have a well-established home office with a dedicated phone line, headset, fax machine, copier, scanner, laptop or desktop computer, printer, multiple office software programs, multi-line phone, and high-speed internet. A filing cabinet and basic office supplies are also helpful. A dedicated virtual assistant can easily earn a high yearly salary, working exclusively from home.

Online Tutoring

Online tutors are often hired by professional education facilities, schools, colleges, and learning centres from all over the world. You can specialise in virtually any subject, hobby, or topic, and make good money as an online tutor, teaching students of all ages from all over the world.

Online tutors typically earn a competitive hourly wage and many online tutors focus on incorporating local tutoring demands into their business, increasing the income potential exponentially.

Earning money from home with established companies is as easy as applying and getting hired and trained. These wonderful job opportunities can be found on online job boards, classified advertisement sites, and on popular work from home forums.

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